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  1. he's been sucking hard since millsap been back...what gives?
  2. not even garbage time...looks like suns have decided to develop bender instead. he's an easy drop now. won't even get better post asb
  3. u must not watch the jazz games but ingles isn't getting replaced...he's a beast
  4. lost by ONE ******** reb...because stupid Portland had to get blown out..and aminu doesnt get to play. he never gets less than 5 rebs. I hate fantasy sometimes
  5. fuk carlye...never falling for anyone one the mavs again...
  6. are the Mavs gonna fully unleash him finally? hes been playing really good lately. Thinking of dropping Bam for him...who has a better ROS outlook?
  7. same thing happened to me...no idea why the guy bid on him when he was so bad
  8. How am I bias when it's a fact and I've been right every time lol
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