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  1. I'm still laughing at all the people saying he was gonna turn it around and talking about his career numbers. Such fools...once again last year was a fluke. This guy sucks lol. Glad I dropped him weeks ago
  2. Gosh I hate this kid!! Why do I keep falling back for him. Last time
  3. I hate Chriss so much...sucks for my team and then injures my player as well...frigging idiot
  4. 3 fouls in 3mins! Yup this guy went back to sucking dick
  5. This guy sucks...doesn't do anyanythjng but give TOs LOL.
  6. Benched to start the second half...f--- u suns Edit: nvm he just sucks tonight...like real bad LOL...
  7. I HATE Yahoo The score shows a block for ibaka but he didn't get it credited on the Yahoo app...this ain't the first time. So stupid
  8. Like I've said many times...this guy ain't good. No stocks no threes...empty lines every game and does more harm than help since he turns it over so much and his FT suck
  9. drop him...hes not good...last year was just a fluke. No threes, No steal or blocks....this guy is useless. lol dont know why all you people keep thinking he will turn it around and think he's good or something
  10. What was with the minutes tonight... he didn't even close out the game
  11. What makes curry a better fantasy player than jimmy is the fact that curry can single handedly carry your team in 4 of the 5 cats (threes, FG, FT, Points) and is above avg in steals and assist.
  12. How does his ROS outlook go if hes indeed traded to Cavs? I'm guessing it would help his stats as hes gone down on record that he really wants to win. high efficiency shooter with a sprinkle of other stats? https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/1/19/16911360/cavaliers-trade-george-hill-kings-lebron-james
  13. 12 - team 9 cat (9th place) PG: Dinwiddie, Oladipo SG: Ariza, Danny Green, SF: Crabbe, Lamb, Ilyasova PF: Ibaka, James Johnson, Aminu, C: John Collins, DMC, DeAndre Jordan IL: Chriss
  14. My DJ ibaka and Dinwiddie for his Whiteside and Jrich Which side wins?
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