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  1. Chriss is just not meant to be of any fantasyrelevance this year
  2. or will he eventually overtake g.hill in the second half of the season
  3. is this guy droppable now....with the emergence of bogdanavic. This guy gets no look on offense.
  4. Why does he keep insisting on taking threes!! He's so bad it!!!
  6. Yes because he was just fluky last year...this is how he actually plays...just as straight trash
  7. Can't believe roto blurbs keeps saying the nets have a gem... this guy is straight trash and nothing else. Guy shouldn't even be on an NBA team, guy thinks he's Steph or something tryna shoot all dem threes
  8. Dinwiddie has something to say about that. Frigging trash player
  9. Yup this guy should stick to mma....he sucks at bball. Dobno why blurp always says he's must start .hes trash
  10. So s--- this guy. Dropped him and Spencer as well. Waste of 10+ mil by the nets. Will get even worst when dlo back.. this guy and Spencer both need to build a brick masnsion together. Both fuking D league scrubs
  11. Dropped...this guy going back to wire material. Only gonna get worst with dlo coming back. Guy is straight trash
  12. This guy sucks. Why does he take so many 3s...frigging FG killer every game... He ain't clutch....thinking he's curry or something
  13. way to talk to talk but not walk the walk....SCRUB LOL
  14. drop city...this guy sucks now...no confidence in his shot at all. hes worst than smart. f---
  15. good i hope he goes back to shootnig 1/11 every game
  16. i think youre just mad cuz youre fantasy player didnt get to play LOL....bogdan isn't the future
  17. literally starts ballin on the MOMENT i drop him...f--- u richardson. hope you start sucking
  18. he's implying that porter needs wall to benefit as a player because beal isn't as good as wall at distributing the ball and getting the rest of his team involved
  19. yes you are, he is just hype at this point and a luxary stash lol...everyone holding him like hes the next fantasy stud lol.
  20. every one who plays against gsw does bad sometimes....i would just toss this game out
  21. I hope ure not expecting Seth to be a top 50 player LOL
  22. you must've just started playing fantasy...lol.
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