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  1. i would stay put. Unless you alrdy have a good SG/PG and need an upgrade at ur C. Gordon will still be good as 6th man. Fox and Booker both are meh.
  2. this trade is veto worthy LOL...its essentially hood for millsap. Take that and run...
  3. I would do this trade without thinking twice. You're getting the 2 best players actually. Dipo and Harris > Dragic http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/684918-should-i-do-this-major-trade-100-whir/
  4. I would try to trade for dipo and someone else. Dipo gives more across the board production compared to CJ
  5. Porzingis. Not liking Kawhi's situation this year. Feel like he will have alot of rest days for his quad
  6. should i trade my DMC, wall, and ibaka for Cp3, Turner, and Gobert? We can only stash 1 IR and i currently have Aminu on it. Also i am 10th of 12 teams and kinda struggling on boards/blocks because both chriss and ibaka don't do their job Standard H2H 12-team PG: Wall, Bledsoe, Dinwiddie, Chalmers (stream) SG: Ariza, Smart, Jrich SF: Crabbe, James Johnson PF: Ibaka, Chriss, C: John Collins, DMC INJ: Aminu PS. What additional trades should i make? Waiver is pretty dead. THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  7. you clearly have never watched bledsoe play then. His defense is unreal and is SO much better than brogdan at this point lol...go watch his highlights. Only injuries have held this stud down
  8. Ure a retard if u think cp3 for collison is not veto worthy LOL...u must be new to fantasy. The guy could get any other PG other than collison...why would you think that trade is fair in any case possible ur league is s---
  9. i HATE this guy so much...why did i draft him 2 years in a row...never believing his hype anymore
  10. you sound like a guy that missed out on collins. ATL doesn't NEED to play their vets, in fact collins is probably one of their better bigs, so either way they are going to play him whether they are tryna win or rebuild. It's frigging Dedmon we are talking about LOL. wtf
  11. and the guy goes back to fuking scuking...dont be fooled...drop this scrub booker and warren a frigging ball hogs....how do they each take 20 shots...GIVE THE BALL UP U DAMN BALL HOGS
  12. As a wall owner I would laugh at ur stupid trade and hit reject
  13. yea i would say giannis in dynasty only
  14. i actually like aminu, but for your team i would choose rondo
  15. I would stick with RHJ because wiggins doesn't do anything but score http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681534-do-i-make-this-trade-100-whir/
  16. i would stick with covington with your team. You have enough guards for assist and you have jokic to help as well. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/681534-do-i-make-this-trade-100-whir/
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