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  1. Do you think he will continue to play like that ? i take him but some players are FA and i don’t know if i hold him because of great future or drop because in few games his stats will change...
  2. You also have player like Robert Williams to replace him 😉 will see how he plays with KAT
  3. For me the problem is %FG For example, i have Portis who give me good %FG difficult to hold a player with this % i don’t know future but now he kills %FG
  4. Drop in my 12 team league, I must use #1 waiver for him ? Do you think he bounce back ? Worry about his %FG...
  5. Vanderbilt can be a new Anunoby last season ? Very good defensive stats and offense interresting.
  6. Thanks a lot i will drop Powell just i don’t know what to do with Vanderbilt. I take him 2 times and always drop after. I don’t know if he will play a lot always. Thanks for your help
  7. So for you i must drop Powell ? and Vanderbilt ? I must take him or not? For Noel ? Just worry Vanderbilt play few minutes when Kat will be back sorry i al french, not really understand
  8. He gives me good fg boards steals and blocks Others?
  9. Hi 12 team league, H2H, 9 cat. My roster : PG : Steph Curry ; Dej Murray ; Clarkson; M Morris SG : Lamb, Powell SF : Tatum, Middleton, Clarke PF/C : Ayton, Aldridge, Holmes, Portis, Noel I have Tatum on IL spot and I must drop 1 of these players ... I like Noel because he gives me boards, steals and blocks. So who to drop ? I think to drop Powell because he just gives me points and no good FG... After he can be Morris or Lamb... Vanderbilt is FA, I must take him for 1 of my player too ? Thanks you
  10. Hi , i am in 12-team league, h2h, 9 cat. my roster : PG : Stephen Curry ; Dejounte Murray, Clarkson, Monte Morris SG : Norman Powell, Lamb SF/PF : Tatum, Middleton, Clarke PF/C : Holmes, Aldridge, Ayton, Portis, Noel Worry about Aldridge... So if I trade Stephen Curry and Aldridge to get Sexton, Grant and M Porter Jr, good for me ?? if yes, who to drop in order to have this 3 players ? Thanks you a lot
  11. I play with %3s and no number... so not a good point for me. Player with good % and only points, you find on FA. steals 1 per match is not huge for me
  12. I don’t know what to di with him and who i can trade with him...
  13. Yes but even when he is good, he just gives points... so few assists steals rebonds...
  14. What to do with him ? Just give points...
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