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  1. One of the major factors behind his return was for the fans turning up to their home games every week. Now what?
  2. I stuck with him since draft night so it's not like I don't believe in the upside. But at the end of the day I had to shed someone to open up a streaming spot, and unfortunately LNJ carried more risk than other guys on my roster (namely Huerter and Beasley). Got to be ruthless this time of year.
  3. Just dropped him to sneak a draw in my last match up - feelsbadman.
  4. Potentially the dumbest thread of all time
  5. Premature. Conley could potentially be more productive with the bench unit, and he could still close out games. Worth holding to find out.
  6. Yeah this is annoying. I've got no streaming spots right now so he is quickly becoming the guy to cut (over Huerter and Nance).
  7. He's still ranked just outside the top 20 as per BBM. I took him at 11 so personally that's the worst return I've had from one of my first round picks, so I still stand behind that comment.
  8. Evaluation date brought forward to Feb 28 👀
  9. Apart from the poor FG% that level of production is not completely unexpected for PJ.
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