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  1. first game... nothing to worry about, yet. i still have high hopes for whiteside (fantasy-wise). either bagley will be injured again soon or kings will trade him
  2. Here we go again. The one with a lot of patience wins. Rubio and December will never be friends. Let's wait for January or Feb lol
  3. I actually agree to this. He lacks passion. But on the contrary, I'd still take those double doubles with 2-3 blks.
  4. i'd take harden's durability anyday of the week. fat or not, he will still give you great numbers. no regrets
  5. He just needs 20 mins to make a good statline. Bagley's last name is injury. Holmes is good but Whiteside's blocks is gold.
  6. Any thoughts bout Harden's overall fantasy value now that Wall is going to Houston? Mannn... Harden's my first pick in our 20-team H2H 😕
  7. i want to punch kyrie in the face right now to cure his stupidity
  8. it's like he's only playing basketball cause the franchise is paying him to do it. no passion. he's just there.
  9. how do you see the impact of oladipo to brogdon's stats guys?
  10. im now considering this dude for my irving. fckng irving wants to be a baby in brooklyn
  11. totally agree with this. hahahaha... people nowadays expect monster stats from a waiver pickup. not everybody is like devonte graham people! 🤣🤣🤣
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