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  1. I love bimbos like u because bimbo #2 takes ur advice and I end up with JJJ off the wire midway thru the season, thx Now if u could go to Siakams page and start working ur magic Id very much appreciate it, thx
  2. Was drafted lotto on potential. Very raw in college and didn't even get much playing time, I believe he put up good per minute #s as well
  3. So Embiid playing 31 games in two seasons is just not relevant anymore?
  4. You might be a little biased AD's past three seasons he's played more games than Embiid did last season (all hovering around same total however). I'd say it's close, but Embiid has only had one 60+ season, so I take AD over that all day.
  5. You fools forgetting that last season was the only time he's played enough games to avoid being a headache. Ur now telling me he's going in front of multiple among AD, Giannis, Harden, Kawhi, KD, Jokic, Curry? He'd have to go in front of three to be top five. No sane human being, barring some srs dropoff/injury, takes Joel over these guys.
  6. 1. Take it to the Assistant Coach forum 2. See fabrar's comment
  7. Daddeus Young posted rank 56 and 59 over the past two years in punt AST build. Last year without punt AST build, he posted 69 (very Daddy of him I might add). Verdict: UNDERVALUED (he's something stupid like 140 on ESPN)
  8. Last season they corrected positions about a month in more or less. Players like J Rich, Lavine, Oladipo had PG status last yr. Very annoying that they don't have it rn, anywhere we can contact them about updating positions of particular players asap?
  9. Owned both Embiid and Turner at one pt in the season. I'd say this is close, depends on whether the other owner truly appreciates Myles for the blocking fiend that he is. If he knows Myles true value and takes Embiid's injury concern into consideration, then prolly not
  10. Ty, shoot me a link if you want me to help with anything of yours
  11. guy 1 trades: Harden, Draymond, Lonzo guy 2 trades: Kristaps, Blake, E Gordon guy 1 previously traded CP >> DLO & Hood (after DLO got injured no less) to guy 2, so this isn't the first time guy 1 is getting shafted. As league commish -- you guys are the non-biased democracy that makes up my vote -- veto? of course, will help in return (WHIR) edit: f--- it, I'm gonna lay down the law regardless. Will still hear your opinions and help in return in exchange for a simple yes/no **up to first 10 guys
  12. The fact that we own him doesn't mean we are immune to getting annoyed @ these constant injuries
  13. Streamed this guy (taco $$ league) bc my punt assist team was somehow close in assists. My team is no longer punting assists.
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