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  1. I'd be in if standard draft and money league in the same range
  2. where is my refund? u said u had sent initial refund for re-draft. I come back 5 min later & draft is scheduled for a week later. Please refund me all $60. I have already contacted leaguesafe
  3. Ugh I already am owed $20 from another draft not working out. Now $50...Sigh. No guarantees I can draft if it isn't tonight
  4. Hey, Can I please get reimbursed the $20 since league didn't work out. I joined another league. Thanks
  5. If you don't get payment & this is a standard/snake draft I would pay right away
  6. I got 1 more on the forum interested. PM me if we are tryin tonight
  7. They take our $ and run ha...I have no clue. Maybe another night or just get refunded out I'd think?
  8. There has got to be 5 people who want to do a draft on a Friday night. WTH?!
  9. 5 Spots Left...Refer to thread with Hot label next to it. Lets get this filled to draft tonight! 20 Bones To enter
  10. Oops...Not that thread. The one that is 'Hot'. Go there to register
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