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  1. What are the keeper rules? Looking for a keep in round they were drafted kind of league
  2. Looking to start up a Brand New keeper league. This is splitting from another league where some owners got fed up with the commish. You will get to keep 5 players and they will be kept in the rounds where they were drafted. Looking for some very active owners who are not afraid of trading players and making big moves. The previous league was very trade heavy, around 1 or 2 trades every other week. Hope to keep it that way. The draft will be held when I can get a good estimation of when the league will be full. Let me know if you have any more questions
  3. Looking for another active owner to take over a different team
  4. Team 1 is taken right now. Team 2 is still up for grabs
  5. Hello. Im looking for 2 replacement owners for my Yahoo 10 man 4 keeper league. Its a 9 cat H2H league that started the 2nd week. Not looking for a 1 season rental but a committed owner for the future. Please let me know if I can answer any questions. Team 1 is 7-2 with the following roster Kyrie Irving Jimmy Butler Demar Derozan Kevin Durant Kevin Love Carmelo Anthony Jsusf Nurkic Gorgui Deing Patrick Beverley Marquese Chriss Dwyane Wade Seth Curry Kent Bazemore Thaddeus Young Jabari Parker Team 2 is 2-7 with the following roster Russell Westbrook JJ Redick Jordan Clarkson Marvin Williams Markieff Morris Pau Gasol Hassan Whiteside Julius randle Jeff Teague Danilo Gallinari Goran Dragic Elfrid Payton Chris Paul Willy Hernangomez Gordon Hayward
  6. One spot left for whoever want some it!!
  7. It’s going to be a 10 team Yahoo league. 4 keepers h2h 9 cat. Still got 3 spots open
  8. Pm’d You. Thanks for showing interest. More spots available
  9. Ill take whatever team is left in the non IDP league Blainekroeker@yahoo.com
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