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  1. Every team has a starting TE, WR1 and a pass catching RB. Byrd is obviously 4th in line but the only the field stretcher (Funchess is more of an intermediate guy) against a slow defensive backfield. I’m gojng with him, just hoping that for oncecthis season my WR3 gut is correct.
  2. Am I crazy to start Byrd as boom or bust WR3? Home game vs slow and banged up Tampa secondary vs. 4.29 speedster who is second WR option coming off 2 TD game. Snap count increasing every game. Shepherd inactive. Funchess not 100%. McCoy and David back to help out vs Panthers run game. David also able to help out vs. Olsen. My gut says and Byrd has a decent chance at another TD, or at least a long reception with 70+ total yards.
  3. http://www.weather.gov/ You can check it yourself.
  4. Thats my point....WR has been unpredictable this season. I’m not sure that most teams that started Wallace would agree in a matchup vs Colts. Going with your gut and hoping for some luck is all you can do with WR dart throws.
  5. As a Pats fan l, I’m happy that they want to make sure that he is 100% healthy for the playoffs. As a fantasy owner who is totally f-ed at WR for championship week, I’m wiping away my tears. It must have been a very severe separation. Tate and Woods came back from what appeared to be similar injuries very quickly in comparison.
  6. Sadly, I’m not sure that I do. Lost AB, Hogan to be inactive again, had to bench Cobb after the Rodgers fiasco. So for me it’s Godwin, Byrd or Wright. In his two games as the WR2 (Evans suspension and Jackson injury last week) he put up 8.5 points twice in my 1/2 PPR league. I’d take that out of my WR3 this week. With Jackson and Howard out, vulnerable Carolina pass D and what is likely to be a pass heavy game plan, I don’t think that he’s a bad desperation play....as long as Winston has enough time to throw. This has been a bad year for fantasy WRs. How do Thiela
  7. If he is active, I may put him in my lineup, although wouldn’t feel great about it. I wouldn’t base a decision solely on the Miami game. Gronk makes a massive difference for this offense. Without him, they could double Cooks and Hogan deep, which they did. Cooks was s--- down too. Hogan came close to a TD, just couldn’t get the second foot down in the end zone. He’s also had 2 more weeks to heal. Even at less than 100%, he has TD potential bc Brady loves him in the red zone. It really depends upon your other options. I’m scrambling without AB.
  8. You sure about that. There are no sure things in fantasy football.
  9. I’m still debating. Hundley scares the hell out of me. With Rodges he would have been money, such a shame.
  10. How about the fact that other than two games during which he was injured and one game played in a tropical storm, he’s been a consistent QB1. Can you say the same about Flacco?
  11. I was thinking Humphries but Godwin is interesting. 5/68 week 10 filling in for Evans, 5/68 last week, filling in for Jackson final 3 quarters. I think that there is a good chance either Byrd or Godwin score a TD in that game. Combo of opportunity and bad DBs. But which one. ?
  12. I thought about Flacco then I remember watching that offense several times this year. No thanks, even against a bad pass defense. Brate made plays in the 4th quarter despite being dinged up. A poor running attack only gives Winston more opportunities to make plays through the air, which is where the Panthers are vulnerable anyway.
  13. Just when I thought that I couldn’t get more depressed about my wide receiver choices, I read your post. Haha. Thanks for the input. Having AB used to allow me to easily survive a dud by one or even two of my wide receivers. No more.
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