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  1. Yeah I need ESPN to get him off the undroppable list...
  2. T.J. Warren (back) is doubtful for Saturday against the Hornets. It was a surprise Thursday afternoon that Warren had back spasms, but it's certainly not a surprise he's likely out again. He's taken a while to recover from injuries and the Suns are in a race for lottery balls, so we're expecting Warren to miss multiple games. If Josh Jackson is out and Booker as well, get ready for some wacky lineups with more Shaq Harrison, Davon Reed and Troy Daniels filling wing minutes. --- Are you guys dropping? Have him in a 12-team and enjoying my playoff bye. Can't hold him i
  3. Thanks for helping on mine. Agree with Anderson; I'd definitely grab Leonard.
  4. I'd do it. Tyreke should take a hit; I like Richardon's blocks, etc.
  5. Thanks for the help. I'd probably take the Butler side too, even though Tyreke takes a hit soon. Don't play points much though.
  6. I'd probably take the Jokic side. Dinwiddie's value will go down in time and Tuner can't seem to stay healthy.
  7. Just making sure I did the right thing. I made the offer to get rid of two of my worst shooters; FG% and FT% should boost way up. And the best team in the league (I'm 2nd) is really good in assists, so I'm basically punting that category now. I'm happy to get my streaming spot back too; just grabbed J. Allen to see how that works out. 12-team H2H: G: Irving, Oladipo, Curry, Thompson, (DSJ) F: Thad, (Ingram), Ariza C: Whiteside, WCS, Collins, Markkanen, J. Allen
  8. I think Turner is a good buy-low, but I don't think I'd give up Horford for him. Tough call.
  9. Guy in my league said he's open to trading a stud away for a couple B+ guys. He has: Bledsoe/Beal/Jokic/McCollum/Aldridge/LaVine and scrubs. Here's mine; this is a 12-team H2H. G: Irving, Oladipo, Curry, Thompson, DSJ, (stream spot) F: Thad, Ingram, Ariza C: Whiteside, WCS, Collins, Markkanen I like the balance of my roster and I'm looking pretty good for the playoff bye, if I keep playing well. Of course I wouldn't mind having someone like Jokic, Bledsoe (purely for steals) or Beal, but I'm not sure what makes sense. (I dominate in points and 3s,
  10. I like Ingles as well. Well-rounded and maybe a Hood trade will help too. Thanks for helping on mine.
  11. Thanks for helping on mine. I like the trade, especially with that build.
  12. Thanks for helping on mine. Agree with staying put; like Tobias the most out of all of them, and Wiggins will kill percentages.
  13. Thanks for helping on mine. I agree that you’re giving up too much. I’d try to get something better than Rondo.
  14. I don't have much experience with dynasty, but I think that McConnell will lose a fair amount of value when Redick returns. That with Fultz always threatening to come into the mix makes me pessimistic on McConnel having a good ROS outlook. Not sure if that helps! Would love some advice on my question:
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