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  1. Breshad Perriman gives him a tight race until the end though.
  2. Exactly... Rosen, Allen, Darnold, Mayfield what are the chances all four pan out very slim maybe 2/4 which means two teams are whiffing in the top ten that being said you still need to take a swing..
  3. Matt Patricia switched with Schiano or whom ever I see a minimal impact, return of Hightower and who ever they draft on the defensive side of the ball.. I actually think he will flame out as a HC.
  4. What makes you say that just curious.. Jags have Bortles at QB ( and do not have the luxury of a Doug Pederson calling plays) , Steelers a talented team with an insane amount of mental lapses, Texans should be intriguing barring Watson stays healthy. The NFC on the other hand is loaded in retrospect with the Eagles, Rams, Saints, Vikings, Packers, Niners on the come up etc etc etc. I also trust BB to fix the holes also Hightower being injured was a devastating blow I don't trust the Steelers at all and certainly not Blake Bortles..
  5. No the division sucks... Miami just aimlessly spends on FA's with no plan or semblance of one, the Jets well they're the Jets eventually their defense will be stout again with no QB, The Bills look the most functional. In short they can sleep walk to 11 wins.. Losing Patricia is not a big deal at all to me just replaced by Schiano or whom ever with a healthy Hightower and whatever additions they make.
  6. Why did they bench Butler? They let Nick Foles shred them for 370 yards lol.. Matt Patricia is going to flame out in Detroit don't think the Pats will miss him much imo. Plus this division still sucks so they can basically sleep walk to 11 wins. Pats missed Dont'a Hightower big time I am a bit baffled why Butler was benched hes not a great corner he made a great super bowl play but Eagles WR's were running open the entire game strange.
  7. Doubtful I want them to trade it .. Entitled to give my opinion just because it was high scoring doesn't mean it was a great game felt like more of a regular season vibe but to each his own...I did find the Eli and Beckham commercial more entertaining though.
  8. Boring super bowl... 0 defense played the entire game until the strip sack boring/anti climatic.
  9. Devante Adams- 105 Catches 11 TD’s 1350 yards.
  10. Lost mixon and engram in the first quarter handle the storm.. up 1 Foles Jefferey at halftime v Agholar and lose that’s how you know you’re not meant to win it ?.. sorry repeating myself in denial
  11. Foles and Jefferey up 1 at half v Agholar lost.. I need a bottle of knob creek to knock myself out.
  12. I had Foles and Jefferey v Agholar up 1 at halftime and lost lmfao you gotta laugh so anyone complaining here I mean whatever it’s just fantasy but awful
  13. I’m sure a lot of people had bad beats tonight with me this was unprecedented
  14. Lost finals on Foles and jefffey I needed basically 15 combined from them
  15. This gotta be the worst beat of my life in fantasy down 3.28 my Foles Jefferey v Agholar
  16. Down 1.28 my Foles and Jefferey v Agholar and I confident I will this with how this is going what a joke..
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