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  1. Yeah I agree, not to say he won't ever have it but there are probably more valuable players to grab on the wire. He's obviously a guy to pay close attention to but I don't see there being fantasy value this season.
  2. Wanted to have a general discussion around this guy being an early candidate for MVP. It is my unpopular opinion that the media is jumping the gun on Luka. This is not me saying he isn't an all star or even a league superstar but more so saying that he is not close to being at an MVP level. A few statistics dating back to last season that support the argument: Bad 3% despite shooting a lot of threes: Luke is a career 31% 3 point shooter while shooting 8 a game. Only superstar that shoots it worse is Giannis, and Giannis affects the game defensively to another level than luka
  3. You right about everyone except Noel lol, no reason that man should get minutes.
  4. I like roto worlds blurb... Grab him now and ask questions later.
  5. This is classic roto forum freaking out. The important thing is that he's in Thibs rotation! He didn't play well and Payton played great so Thibs went with the hot hand. He's going to have his shot and get those big minute games but is going to need to earn it. I scooped him (and yes I'm a Knicks fan) and will have a long leash because the minute earning is all that needs to happen for him to turn in to a fantasy contributor
  6. Are you really trolling after an injury. VanVleet is having a good year, he's a good player. Ja is a better player, with no injury he was going to have a better season. They're honestly not close in real life. In fantasy I can see an argument for it being close but Ja isstill better. You coming back after an injury to say this is whack though, I won't be in Fred's thread if he sprains his ankle talking crap. Injuries suck for sports, don't celebrate it.
  7. The early foul trouble is the biggest culprit of young big men in fantasy and the problem is, that's not going to go away. There's going to be games where we say "what happened!? Where are the minutes!" Every game he's played he's picked up two fouls in the first quarter. His first two games the stats were picked up in garbage time so we may need to temper our expectations as the Warriors get more competitive in games. I love this dude and think he's ROY but unless he corrects the foul trouble we may see occasional duds. The plus side of this is that NBA fouls are something yo
  8. It's not common we say this but roto worlds blurb is spot on and can provide us a good snapshot. Also, I don't know if the assists were a fluke but that'd be a nice bonus if he can get a couple a game. 11.7 points, 6.5 boards, 1.2 steals and 1.1 blocks in 11 starts last season. Go get him.
  9. This should be asked in the Manager help section but quick answer is below. If you have a win now team I would accept, Drummond is a statistical monster. If you don't think you have a great shot this season I would hold on to Wiseman, I think he could be an Embiid like talent.
  10. He's obviously irreplaceable. Everyone should go pickup Reid ASAP
  11. A trade would be great but tbh I'll take last nights line for my roto league. Blocks are the hardest cat in fantasy and this guy is great at getting them. I'd continue to lock him in for the blocks alone.
  12. Depends on the type of league. H2H 9 Cat= Walk the other direction Roto= Briskly walk the other direction Points = Maybe look back while walking the other direction He is a bad NBA player.. low FG, low FT, low rebounds, low assists, and can't shoot 3s. These aren't knee jerk reactions, this is this dudes 7th season in the NBA and the highest he's ever finished is 92nd in fantasy ranking. Even if you're right the chances he finishes in the top 60 are low.
  13. I wish I drafted him.. everyone hating because social media is dragging him. Dude is a top 15 player in the NBA for sure. He won't shoot that well every night but owners should be excited.
  14. For fantasy purposes he looked great and I think he's going to be a really good offensive player. He struggled mightily on defense and on the boards. Every rebound he got bounced right to him and because he's so big were easy to grab. He didn't box out and can't play the pick and roll to save his life. Now I'm going to catch myself and say this is a rookie who barely played college. If he improves on those two aspects of his game he's going to be an all star because the raw talent was on display last night offensively.
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