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  1. The emergence of Eric ebron has hurt both Jones and Tate considerably. I benched Tate this week and played Jones, might do the same this week...
  2. Asked this question in the Tate forum, are we thinking this is a Tate game, Jones game, or both? Does it sound like Stafford's hand improved? I'm hoping that was the reason for less deep targets last week. Stafford practiced in full to close out the week.
  3. So, is this a Jones games, a Tate game, both, or neither?
  4. We drafted early so I snagged him after Ware went down in pre season haha. There were other reasons. Basically coinciding around Zeke's suspension, hunt, Mike evans, Jordy Nelson, Cameron Brate, and will fuller all took massive nosedives in value. Not to mention Brees performing as qb12 all season. So my team went from being #1 ranked to barely making playoffs and likely getting knocked out this week. But I drafted Mike evans #5 overall so I'm blaming him xD
  5. On the bright side, if he plays you still probably start him. They should rename the team to Houston Hopkins at this point.
  6. This guy is basically Alshon Jeffrey (pre-wents injury). Marginal top receiver on a good offense that spreads the ball around with a top te vulturing valuable targets. Wr14 on the season in PPR, which isn't a fluke. Good for round 3.
  7. Except this guy isn't a stud, he's a bum. Wr 24 in PPR on the year. He's just barely passed 20 PPR points twice this all season. Turning out to be the worst first-round pick by far (other than injuries). He's a low ceiling, low floor wr3 at best. Him and Hunt probably cost me my fantasy season, I'm in a very difficult spot this week and will be starting Jordy over Evans this week.
  8. For some reason Jordy's owner dropped him this week on waivers, must not have considered Rodger's return. This means I get Jordy as well as Rodgers who I grabbed and stashed 3 weeks back. I'll be stacking them. Risky move, but I'm down almost 50 PPR points in a 2 round playoff match, so I need a miracle to win. Thanks Mike evans and cmac among others...
  9. Starting him with confidence is just silly xD Last game they went up 14-0 early and gave hunt tons of volume, and he produced. Literally perfect scenario for hunt. 3 catches is ok, not good though. If kc is playing catch-up then hunt is back to his 9 touch dumpster fire with marginal upside value from the previous 5 weeks.
  10. Burkhead and Crabtree seem to be safe bets. But I'd argue Gordon has a bit lower floor, but much higher ceiling based on what we saw last game against a tough matchup. His range is probably 2/35 to 10/150/2 and anything in-between. I'm in a situation where I'll need to score lots of points to win, so I'm taking the risk for Gordon's upside.
  11. Ah yes, it is PPR. I definitely should have said that up front xD McCaffrey has been my most consistent player all season since it's PPR.
  12. Drake and Morris, all are decent options. Gio is probably riskiest based on matchup and the fact he only has one significant game to go off of. Morris loses a bit of value in PPR though due to not catching passes, but if the Dallas o-line shows up it won't matter.
  13. I'd agree with others, Jones/Baldwin Forunette/Burkhead Baldwin looks a bit more intriguing if the CB guarding him is out or hobbling (missed last 2 practices). Burkhead has been great lately so it's hard to bench him, should have a solid game but come down to earth a bit. Here's mine: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687653-linup-help-help-me-pick-6-please/
  14. Here's my lineup (RBs & WRs): RB: Cmac RB: Drake WR: Mike Evans WR: Golden Tate WR: Marvin Jones FLEX: Josh Gordon Bench: M Lynch Doug Baldwin K Hunt Hunt I'm not starting until he shows something, learned my lesson last week. Baldwin looks more intriguing if whats-his-face (CB) sits from injury. And Lynch looks intriguing at KC, I'm considering starting over drake... I definitely want to start both Tate and Jones at TB, but if Stafford's hand is a problem then that would make my decision easy. Need
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