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  1. Decent streamer play for this week? Looks like PG and Kawhi are gonna be out for a bit
  2. I don't think people necessarily underrate/overlook his playmaking ability. History has shown he is an incredible passer (Career 8 asts/g), but unfortunately that is the only thing he is known for (with added defense). Reason I was pretty high on CP3 taking Ayton to the next level was because any big man in a P&R with CP3 is deadiy. Chris is a threat at all 3 levels to which Rubio isn't. People have to respect Chris on the pick which opens it up for Ayton who can be a roll or pop man. People more often than not could just go under the screen and dare Rubio to shoot it, which to his cr
  3. Until Bogdanovic comes back, I would say its safe to say he'd get atleast 30 minutes a night. He just played 39 minutes last night. Also, given that they've been winning with him in the lineup and he can slide between the 2/3, I'm confident he will hit 30 minutes even when their roster is fully health
  4. I agree. Markieff isn't someone you can continuously go to and expect him to get a good percentage shot off 1v1. Wall's return will help him I think
  5. Guess its hard for Powell to even have a floor when he can barely crack any minutes
  6. Let's say youre right and he is a bit streaky and injury prone, whats the upside of Powell? You seem to be so adamant on Hood's weaknesses and have yet to say why Powell is much better. So far this season, hes averaged liek 23 minutes per game. At least Hood has upside when you pick him with his opportunity to step in a big role.
  7. One season of injury and already labeled injury prone? And what makes you think Norman Powell will be consistent especially in his first year as a starter? He's at best 3rd fiddle and has CJ Miles breathing down his neck for minutes. Hood is the de facto starter with a rookie as his backup. Dennis Lindsey has even said they can see Hood being the #1 option with Hayward gone. Regardless, efficiency may be an issue for him but counting stats its no question Hood has more opportunity. Seems like someone got burned by him last year.
  8. I'd keep Hood. Jazz have said they expect him to be a go-to scorer this year so the opportunity is there for him to succeed. Powell looked nice today, but hes at best the 3rd option in the starting unit. Both contribute in the same categories, but Hood has a higher ceiling
  9. Thanks for helping out. I'd keep murray. I'm skeptical Hood can be the go-to scorer Utah expects him to be.
  10. Rolo has a starting position whereas Booker is coming off the bench and sharing time with RHJ and possibly Carroll. Apparently he played some 5 which is a good sign. I like Rolo in a vacuum, but there is a looming rumor Lopez may get traded to a contender later on in the season, so that may affect his overall season output, but who knows. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677944-wall-a-gordon-redict-for-derozan-conley-m-williams-whir/
  11. Probably doesn't need to be reiterated but take that and run. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/677944-wall-a-gordon-redict-for-derozan-conley-m-williams-whir/
  12. Kawhi hands down. Embiid's ceiling assuming healthy all year is probably top 10, but to get a stud like Kawhi outright who is top 10 already, you gotta take him
  13. I'd say Draymond and Kemba pretty handily. I compare Wiggins to Corey "Bad Porn" Maggette in terms of fantasy. His only contribution is going to be points. He hasn't shown any growth in contributing in other categories. Granted its only been the first game and preseason, the output hasn't been encouraging except for his improved 3 ball. Gobert is gonna be a damn beast this year imo, but Draymond's multi cat dominance and Kemba's elite PG output outweigh his contribution. If you could trade Wiggins for someone else of similar ADP, I'd probably pull the trigger. But I'm just not very high o
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