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  1. Sheesh, Ntilikina topped with Green for me.... No offense what so ever!!!
  2. Ah well can't expect too much from a first year player who we've all claimed off waivers..
  3. Watch out, the forum police are out on patrol.
  4. Whats the consensus on this guy? Are we holding? Spent a 6th rd pick on him in 14 man league.. sigh.
  5. Hahaha, yeah totally agree. I love all the ESPN Analysts who come out of no where and make comments!!! gold!
  6. According to Roto he is a solid add in 12 team leagues. Troy Brown made 3-of-9 from the field for seven points with two rebounds and one 3-pointer in 17 minutes against the Pacers on Wednesday. Coach Scott Brooks said that there was no minutes limit on Brown in this game, which wasn't really a surprise after getting 31 minutes in his previous outing. The Wizards playing from behind may have cut into his minutes, but Brown should get into the 27-32 range in most matchups. He may also be taking over as a starter for Isaac Bonga any day now, so he's a solid add in most 12-
  7. We didn't Sato for his scoring, and he's averaging 26mpg on the season. He's perfect for my 9 Cat league and he's been doing well on the assist side of things recently.
  8. haha, not looking so good so far, 4/12 Not really, 4/12, no other stats lol
  9. Also started tonight, only 12 mins so far... disappointing.
  10. It's a Waiver Wire thread, we talk about players who are on our waiver wire.
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