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  1. Hey there, just joined so I can't make a post yet, but here goes: I am in a H2H 16-team auction league with weekly waivers that are cleared Sunday morning. Jaylen Brown is thus still available and I wanna snatch him up. What % of my faab ($200) should I bid to get him? Thanks!
  2. Ok cool. A couple of things: 1. You are in a strange league as you mentioned so be careful about the kind of advise you listen to. Most advice is geared toward people in much deeper leagues. Your league only uses 52 players so you should really only monitor who is currently in the top 50 players in the league. So just because you hear about someone having a breakout season and entering the top 100 or top 75, doesn't mean you should be dropping a valuable player on your team to pick them up. 2. You have two players that are pretty clearly outside of that top 50 range: Horford and Ibaka. You may want to consider trying to trade them for someone with higher value. This is especially good if you bundle them in exchange for a top 40 or 35 player coupled with someone weaker like in the 55-65 range. You can then drop the worse player and pick up someone off the waiver who actually belongs in that top 50 range.
  3. How is the league scored? H2H, roto, categories, points...?
  4. You pretty much know what you get with Derozan, Conley, and Williams, but the upside is probably bigger with your current crew. Maybe try to hold off and reassess whether you're willing to take the risk in a month if the deal is still on the table. (first comment on here?)
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