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  1. I like your guards and venters but your forwards are a little thin, so I would try to package Middleton with someone
  2. I like trade 1 better for sure but I still wouldn't go for either of them
  3. Trade 1 I definitely prefer the Schroeder side. Trade 2 I'm not so sure about just because Harris is not going to keep his value all year
  4. 14 Team Standard H2H Should I do the trade? Both are injury prone, but Evans has been playing very well and seems to be a focal point of the Grizz offense. WHIR
  5. Collins. His usage will only go up. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678859-otto-porter-jr-trade-help-whir/
  6. Great team but you're definitely lacking with PF and Rebounds in general. However, all your players are solid so I think you should just keep your team how it is and see how the season plays out. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678859-otto-porter-jr-trade-help-whir/
  7. Jokic. He'll realize he needs to score soon enough, and you never know about Blake's health. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/678859-otto-porter-jr-trade-help-whir/
  8. I like the Porter side better. I really like Otto and Aldridge's usage will definitely go down with Kawhi back, and Carroll has been playing great on the nets while Bradley has been the opposite. Also, you can never be sure about a Spurs player unless their name is Kawhi Leonard.
  9. I would give it a few games; Hardaway has started the season being guarded by Paul George and Avery Bradley, in a new system.
  10. I receive: Otto Porter and John Collins I give: Taurean Prince, Larry Nance, Gallinari What do you guys think? I know that Larry Nance's production will go down with the return of healthy Randle (evident in yesterday's game as he didn't play much), and that Otto Porter and whoever I pick up will most likely preform better than Prince and Gallinari. WHIR
  11. Most likely for the day but seeing how poorly Murray has been playing it could be for long term.
  12. Nah I'm in a H2H points league, should've been more clear about that.
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