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  1. 8/8 FG 1/2 ft 3 3pm 20/2/3 At the half. Well well... What do we have here ??
  2. 7/12 FG 58.3% 3/4 FT 75% 17 pts 21 reb 2 ast 6 blk!!! 4 TO nasty.
  3. I think if you're the lakers, you would Err on the side of caution with your prize star. Sadly, the last thing on their minds is fantasy basketball. if he's out for less than a week, i'd be surprised.
  4. Think he’s really turned the page. Sure he’ll have a few duds, but he generally looks more confident out there
  5. Don't get me wrong, I'm still high on Mitch,but I saw this guy make some of the most numbnut fouls. He literally missed a rebound and swung him arms into DeAndre Jordan.
  6. How many people are in your league haha? Im saying this As objectively as possible, he’s ranked 86th on Yahoo with good upside . How is he still on the waiver?
  7. 13/6/5/3 with 1 TO. 5/7 FG 2/2 ft. I'll take that any day.
  8. Geeze has this big boy ever woken up. 18/9/12/1/1 today on 50% FG and 2/2 from the line. He is NICE.
  9. Will be on a number of champion teams this year. With the right punt build, he's easy top 5.
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