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  1. Does make okeke a run, dont walk or is he still a boarderline waiver guy?
  2. I wouldnt touch AD with a 20 foot pole. I'm guessing he'll play very games and what games he does play will have limited minutes. I bet his averages arent too far off Allen, except allen will play at least twice as many games
  3. I have poeltl and Robert Williams is on the ww. Who would you take for rest of the season. Is poeltl worth dropping for Williams upside?
  4. I dont know how many teams are in your league but tj McConnell is pretty close to waiver wire and I wouldnt really value him in this trade. So its basically porzingus for durant straight up. I would take durant
  5. 10 cat league (adding in DD) Westrook has been killing my team with his percentages and turnovers. Drummond really fits on my team but will Drummond get traded and do Drummond things? Is Westbrook worth that risk?
  6. What would be a good offer if we consider this a buy low opportunity? I could see that meaning anything from like 3rd round value to 7th round value
  7. I need blocks and fg% for tomorrow. Thinking about maybe alex len. Any better suggestions?
  8. I this guy worth holding on to in a deep league? Im mainly talking about late season/ playoff potential. He seems like he could be good. Rookie on a bad team For context of what i mean by "deep." My league rosters almost 200 players and guys on my waiver are cody zeller, danny green, thad young, house
  9. https://www.espn.com/fantasy/basketball/story/_/id/30385615/updated-2020-21-fantasy-basketball-rankings-top-200-h2h-categories-drafts thats the closest i could find to something that looked realistic. How do you guys feel about it? 1. James Harden, Hou (SG/PG; SG1)2. Karl-Anthony Towns, Min (C; C1)3. Anthony Davis, LAL (PF/C; PF1)4. Luka Doncic, Dal (PG; PG1)5. Nikola Jokic, Den (C; C2)6. Stephen Curry, GS (PG; PG2)7. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Mil (PF/SF; PF2)8. Trae Young, Atl (PG; PG3)9. Damian Lillard, Por (PG; PG4)10. LeBron James, LAL (SF/PF; SF1)11. Devin Booker, Phx
  10. Ive been looking at the projected rankings and they vary wildly. Whos rankings do you guys think are the best?
  11. Our league is wierd. 10 team. 8 team playoff. The 2 guys in last have been totally statistically eliminated. They 14 games back from 8th. Commissioner says everyone is getting refunded. I'm way out in front with a 7 game lead over 2nd. I'm pretty annoyed but I'm not going to throw a fit over the $6 difference. Although, I think the correct move would be for those with a higher seed to get more and 8th place to get less and 9th and 10th to get nothing, but I'm probably biased
  12. It's easy to say jordan was the better defender when pippen was guarding the opposing teams best offensive player. Fun fact. Jordan was the 3rd best (maybe) defender on the 96-98 bulls.
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