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  1. He’s been alternating good games and duds throughout the season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts up a dud or a good stat line next game. Wait and see approach for me.
  2. This guy sucks. I have no idea why he’s get so many TOs.
  3. Has ankle issues again. He better play tomorrow!
  4. What are talking about? Where are the couple of stocks?
  5. He shot 1-9 in the second half. He’s just not good this year. Bad fit for the utah jazz or he just plain sucks.
  6. Kobe, you were an inspiration to us all. Gone too soon. So tragic. Thank you for everything. Rest In Peace Kobe and Gigi. Will forever be missed.
  7. Wow this guy put up a straight dud. Should’ve benched his a**!
  8. Wait until he gets back to the starting lineup. That’s if he ever gets back to it. Then see if he can pick it up a little.
  9. His only big flaw is his TOs. Need to somehow find a way to cut them down.
  10. This guy starting to annoy me. A sore shoulder? You can’t play through a sore shoulder? Crazy how soft he got 0-100 real quick.
  11. This guy might be a drop soon if he keeps it up. Efficiency isn’t great and sometimes racks up TOs.
  12. He’s only played 8 games this season. I think he’s still shaking off the rust and getting comfortable. Watched him play vs the Kings other night and he looks uncomfortable still. He might need until the all star break to really take off. I’m willing to wait. Although he’s underperforming, numbers are still solid.
  13. Wow 8 minutes at the half only and putting up numbers.
  14. With Randle out, Elf’s usage definitely goes up. I predict more fg attempts which may lead to less efficiency. Higher TOs but all the counting stats will increase.
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