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  1. i'm also doubt it. it looks like he finally finds his rythm, i thought about trying to trade him for KAT but man...lma outplayed him big time this month (rank 8 when kat is 22), and i'm not sure it's will change with all the ball hoges in minnesota when the only competition that lma have will come from post-injury kawhi.
  2. like i said...it's super-duper deep (if in regular 12 team league the rosterable playere are the top 150, in our league is the top 250) so carroll and ibaka value (which will be around top 75 this year) is way higher than regular league. but still, i like the potential top 10 player in cp3 who is a bit underrated in fantasy land (people tend to appricate high scoring players to much). hope it'll be a fun ride : )
  3. just god CP3 and Jimmy for Kemba, d.carroll, ibaka and farried (super deep rosters so no players to pick from the wire, best is d.west lol). i know it's a bit for AC forum but here i have a base of loyal cp3 owners who can bring some light on the dude value which i feel can be top 10 this year if healthy (and jimmy can be around 30, which is where kemba usually is, but it feels more cuz he's so solid). the only thing that made me hessitate to do this trade is that houston are super good even without cp3 and will give him a lot of rest days+low minutes. what your thoughts about this guys?
  4. Roto format (not h2h)- must have experience and be active! that means make moves on free agency, answer & make trade request etc. the league have 82 games limit on every position (which means you can't just play everybody), very deep roster which is much fun cuz you have a lot of players to watch on box score team main players: Jokic, mcculom, embiid, kawhi, capela, g.harris, bledsoe, rubio, batum, kanter, dinwiddie, prince and more... write me your mail and i will set you as owner.
  5. Roto format ,fun 8 guys league, deep rosters (so a lot of players to watch at box score : ) looking for dedicated and experienced manager who answer and make trades, make free agency moves and active in general. the team main players: Anthony davis, jokic, porzingis, conley, dragic, bledsoe, teague, dwight, warren, aminu, nurkic, barton, reggie jackson, noel. write your e-mail and i will set you as owner...
  6. sent him, sabonis (and jerian grant) for ibaka and courtney lee. at first i was happy cuz ibaka and courtney are really solid and give you value between 50-100, but damn jaylen and sabonis got really good games today and look fresh+ mccmilan say he gonna give sabonis minutes with turner. hope i did good, time will tell i guess...
  7. fun competetive league, 9 guys, very deep rosters (so you'll have a lot of players to watch in box score : ) i'm the comissioner and i want guys who available via mail/here, add free agents, make and answer to trade offers and get their roster set every day. the team main players: towns, kyrie, Deandre, booker, simmons, carmelo, wiggins, adams, smart, beverly, kuzma, tatum
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