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  1. I think I'd wait it out and take the chance
  2. 5 X 5 H2H Dynasty M. Carpenter P. DeJong T. Glasnow J. Lucchesi or C. Correa K. Giles D. Price G. Holland
  3. I'd go with Romo based on your particular situation. Help?
  4. Voit but keep in mind his position may not be as secure. Help?
  5. Depends on needs, so it sounds like yes. Just keep in mind closers are much harder to fine than OF so you may have some leverage to work with. Help?
  6. I was in the same situation and added Pujols. I would have added Bird if he were available. Help?
  7. 5 x 5 H2H Dynasty C. Blackmon M. Carpenter for C. Correa K. Giles David Price No players would be dropped as I'm expected a few on my roster to be placed on IL tomorrow to make room for the extra spot.
  8. Grab Romo, I believe he's in line for saves right now. Help?
  9. I agree with Texasfan, no one here worth the waiver. A bunch may be FA anyway.
  10. Revised offer based on previous feedback. Dynasty H2H 5 X 5 Blackmon Josh James OR J.D. Martinez Eovaldi
  11. How about this instead? Blackmon Josh James OR J.D. Martinez Eovaldi
  12. Thanks for your reply on mine. I don't really know either of those players too well so I can't provide much insight here. I wouldn't drop Givens though.
  13. H2H 5 X5 dynasty Blackmon Josh James OR Puig Eovaldi
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