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  1. Playoff starting soon, I am thinking about dropping him to stream. Even when he is healthy, he gets hit with the '20 mins' Cav special.
  2. Not selling. No point. I doubt you could get a fair offer. He is currently ranked top 10 (per game basis). With how Portland is playing, there is zero incentive for Nurkic to rush back. Even if he does, he will be heavily limited.
  3. That's the price they had to pay in order to get rid of Josh Jackson lol
  4. Is he still worth a #1 waiver in a competitive 12 team?
  5. I dunno why so many "analysts " are so high on him.
  6. I have a feeling that he was the one who leaked all the alleged reports of Beilein losing the locker room lol. He then played the two-face game by defending the coach in public.
  7. Can't believe I passed up Huerter, Fultz, and Bertans for this dude. Can't even get a shot off in 4th. Sigh.
  8. Yes but I dont think it will be such a huge impact because he doesnt need the ball to stuff the stats sheet. Look at his usage in the past few games. Other than the game which he scored 28 points,his usage is fairly low (Today he had 13% usage and look at that stats line). Beside, if you sell now, you are risking of selling low. Might as well ride it out.
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