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  1. He is the one thing holding my team back from being a real contender. And I don't think he will get the consistent 25 points you need from a QB drafted in his position down the stretch. The Eagles WR are not good, and they are a run first team at this point. He'll play well enough to win real world games but he's a low end fantasy QB moving forward.
  2. Thanks for your help. Tough one. I don't think Breida will play all that much. He might take one the distance but I think I would go Drake.
  3. Maybe Mattison and Hunt would be enough? Probably not but some people may fall in love with the name. I wouldn't give up a WR, you don't have enough depth there and MG on a bad chargers team.
  4. I would pass. Mike Evans can blow up and win you any week. AJG is going to be catching passes from a rookie on a terrible team. Just too big of a potential downgrade.
  5. Adams if he plays, Montgomery and flex Howard.Not scared of Bears run D.
  6. Big risk, Adams may be back this weekend, or he may miss multiple more weeks. Turf toe is a killer. I might still do it, since you have some decent WR depth and could afford to wait a few weeks. If you need the QB upgrade that badly.
  7. So I have the opportunity to trade Carson for Kamara. Carson has been great, but has a tough ROS. Kamara seems more matchup proof. Should I make the move??? Standard scoring league. The reason the deal is on the table is that Kamara can't be kept in our league, but Carson could. The way our rules are set up I wouldn't keep him anyways (keeping Jacobs and Mike Thomas most likely).
  8. I would do it, Golladay becomes your WR2 and the guys you're trading away are injury risks.
  9. I like the players you got back better than what you gave up. I'm a Singletary believer, even if he splits with Gore ROS he'll be a nice keeper. Sutton is going to be consistent and better than Stills most weeks.
  10. Yeah, Lockett is worth the 2 for 1.
  11. I wouldn't trade CMC. Maybe it's a fair deal, but I wouldn't do it
  12. I would take a shot on Henderson getting enough work to take the RB spot. The other choice is tough....I might honestly start Parker over everyone else with Fitzmagic.
  13. This upgrades your QB spot in a big way, and bottom line someone on your bench is not helping your team win games. But...Jacobs is a really valuable piece with a good schedule for the rest of the season. I might rather upgrade at WR not knowing when/if Adams will be back. If you can get a studly WR I would rather do that. Otherwise I would make the trade.
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