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  1. Great point I didn’t think of that let’s hope that will not be the case
  2. I’m just going to assume the league won’t be cancelled and they’ll just have no fans in the stands like in the MLB.
  3. Why not? Julio Jones is 31 that’s getting up there for a WR.
  4. I didn’t pay much attention to football last year so I don’t how bad Antonio brown did.
  5. Yeah I wouldn’t take CEH over Barkley or Elliott to be honest
  6. Out of curiosity what do you think CEH numbers will be by the end of the season.
  7. CEH over MT? Bold move my friend you’ll be a genius if your right
  8. Maybe I do but Parker isn’t anything special anyway
  9. Dear god who would trade CMC for CEH that’s the worst move ever
  10. How’d you do who’d you end up getting?
  11. Picked him up off of free agents in case one of my wr goes down. Not expecting to much from him
  12. Julio Jones is almost the same age as AB so why aren’t people giving up on Jones and why is he still ranked so high?
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