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  1. yee i kept him over kuzma, praying it works out boys. him and dejounte should kill it. plus rudy gay is out for a bit (in addition to KL)
  2. hes been great so far this season but i did drop for john collins/kyle anderson/dejounte murray. not sure if this was a dumb move but these guys provide stocks beyond 3's and points. maybe i'll come to regret it once randle is traded but we'll see.
  3. u guys think this guy gets steals cause people underestimate his athleticism XD
  4. wth he drops 30+ points 2 games in a row, i pick him up (again) and he drops 8 points. sigh, so is life. i do like that he's pg/sg/sf flex though. hoping things work out!
  5. god bless he can stay out so my boy with the neckbeard can crush it
  6. still pick this guy up? friend of mine is a huge believer of him but whiteside coming back and shiz
  7. wish i picked up this cat, i got portis instead cause he available
  8. interesting yeah i have the miami pg with the neckbeard think his names tyler johnson and issiah canan so i can drop either for george hilll. is deaaron fox coming back an issue though
  9. picked up gordon hayward (live in boston) just to occupy 1 of the 2 injury reserve spots. and with that i went over the 4 player add per week. wanted to pick up j rich. but too late argh
  10. great i pick him up and he sits out with a flu, i drop him and he has a solid stat night. goddammit. i even drafted this bum too initially obviously dropped after some games early on
  11. currently available not sure if i should pick him up, though? Roster is as follows: The league allows for 1) PG, 2) SG, 3) G, 4) SF, 5) PF, 6) F, 7) C, 8) Util, 9/10/11/12) Bench and 13/14) Injury Reserves Current roster is - 1) Chris Paul 2) James Harden 3) Trevor Ariza 4) Courtney Lee 5) Isaiah Canaan 6) Tyler Johnson 7) Al-Farouq Aminu 8) Kyle Kuzma, 9) Otto Porter Jr 10) Clint Capela 11) Bobby Portis 12) Serge Ibaka 13) Rudy Gobert 14) Paul Millsap
  12. lol i have cp3, harden, ariza and capela on my team we making the playoffs baby
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