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  1. Mmm ok, easy 18 mins..... 2-8fg......2-2ft......3reb......3as....1stl.....0blk....2to....7pts
  2. Yeah right. Peeps got waaaay too hopeful there for a second
  3. WOW Whata pic... W_H_A_T_ A pic !!! It's ridiculous really
  4. [ u p d a t e ] EDIT: basically still out indefinitely
  5. Relax man gee Tat is fine. Tough matchup against LAC And btw feel free to trade him away.... aaaaaaand f uck up your team ahah ahah ah ha
  6. But Collins ain't your typical big man. It's Capela rather
  7. this is from 2 days ago and I see no brace (saaaay whaaaat) https://www.instagram.com/p/CLznBPElUEl/
  8. just drop city and move on for f ucks sake
  9. yeah I saw that... but he's getting really close
  10. Oooh ok nice ! Get in there baaaaabyyyyyyyyy !
  11. it will become more and more frequent cause of that inflamed knee... and btw Tatum is No 1 dawg on that team. Z e r o worries about him. Easy TOP 15 ROS
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