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  1. Posted this maybe a month ago, but if any of you were gonna trade Lonzo what would you want in return? Someone in my league asked about him and said any of Wiggins, Jaylen Brown, and Reggie Jackson would be available, but i wouldn't do 1 for 1 for any of them, probably not even 2 of them because they're all slumping so bad. I don't mind Lonzo's FT% (punt) but the FG% and low scoring is pretty bad. He's been trending up, and is a stock lovers dream, so at this point is asking for 5th round value out of the question? What would you ask for for Lonzo?
  2. Was browsing through rotoworld today when I saw Mike Gallagher betraying our lord, naming him a sell high candidate. Lord forgive him, for he knows not what he do
  3. Lebron is carrying teams this season. Even if it was dynasty I’d be hesitant, but assuming standard just stick with Lebron.
  4. Proud owner of Lonzo, but gotta ask the other Zo owners out there, If i wanted to shop him around my league what could i realistically get in return? Only considering because he's the difference of me being a punt assist team
  5. Im a J Rich owner myself and Im on the verge of dropping as well. Giving him tomorrow to prove himself. I wouldn't drop Henson, since he's in for a much larger role without Monroe there to take his minutes or the starting spot. See if you could trade to a center needy owner for something you're looking for. Out of the 3 id pick up Jonathan Simmons
  6. If you are taking on WB I'm assuming you're going to punt TO's (and possibly FT). Taking that into perspective Theres no way you aren't getting the better end. WB is slumping but in terms of totals is a first round talent, and Markieff is gonna be pretty good when he ready to play a full allotment of minutes as they start to phase out Gortat and play Kief there. Evans has been fantastic, Lowry is slumping but should break out, but still even if I was only getting WB id still do the trade.
  7. Depends on the makeup of your team, but that's not a bad deal. Keep trying to find deals for Ibaka. Vuc is good enough in other cats to warrant ownership. If you're not so great on guards id take the deal.
  8. No question, if you're still hanging onto Noel, drop him. Dropped him 2 weeks ago for Mitchell. Like the rotoworld write up said he won't do you any good while he's stuck on the bench.
  9. Was a Noel owner myself, picked him at 66, it was so hard to drop him 2 weeks ago, but boy I have no regrets. In dynasty leagues if you really want to throw away a roster spot for 3-4 months to possibly the rest of the season, that’s on you. Everyone’s right in saying he’s got great potential, but the best ability is availability, and rick ain’t gonna let him of the bench anytime soon Edit: I picked him at 66 because I had an early draft. A week after it was announced he’d come off the bench
  10. I think you'd be hard pressed to find the replacement stats for the second guy you're giving up. Blake is great but not for two pretty good point producers.
  11. KAT is a first round guy. Even though D Lo has 4th round upside, that isn't enough to acquire someone of KAT's caliber. Kanter is good, but not good enough to offset that balance. I would say D Lo and Middleton, but that'd still be a steal for KAT. It'd probably have to involve CJ in someway and some mid round guy and he throws in a filler. But obviously if you can get KAT for less, do it.
  12. Beverly isn’t a borderline WW player. Bojan is, ill give you that. I don’t like the trade, but I don’t think it’s vetoable. Brook had been slumping but he’s a potential top 40 player, and if the team is punt FT% (which I’m sure they are now) then Dwight is a top 25 guy easy. Beverly is in a good spot, lots of minutes, and get you money stats (3’s and Stl) with some blocks and rebounds. A little lopsided but not outright vetoable
  13. Easily the Lillard/ Middleton side. Don’t look back
  14. I punt FT, So i would easily take the capela side. Even so, Lowry is usually a top 20 fantasy player, Conley top 35, and Capela is a fantastic double double big. I think thats too much early round depth to turn down.
  15. Unless you're in a 2 QB league, always trade your extra QB depth for position players. That being said, bro, you're in the wrong thread
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