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  1. For...? Just wondering since jimmy buckets finished the last 4 seasons in top 15.
  2. Ayton is waving his hand to you, just saying
  3. Just hope he is putting things together and try avoiding unnecessary fouls.... Wish to see a even better tsunami papi than last year!! (Yeah I drafted him over hayward so please start compensating me)
  4. I don't think ayton is a good pnr guy... as someone mentioned before, he mostly ends up running into paul on his roll. Even if there is a mismatch created, no one is feeding him to the post. I am not sure if that's part of the monty's gameplan or just bad practice from those ball-hoggers. Not too optimistic... I wish they lost more and realise how bad monty is as a coach. mikal bridges turns into a blackhole too (just saying from his playstyle this year)
  5. no one is looking to pass/ able to pass to him even if he has a mismatch...
  6. A trade would be good for sure. The starting 5 of the pels just doesnt work well at all
  7. Too painful to see him putting up stats like this... I was an ayton owner last season and pretty sure this wasn't a skillset related problem... Hope he is going to realize that his offensive game will bring the team to a STABLE next level instead of being fooled by the current ranking. Those chunkers taking a lot of 3s will regress at some point. I don't like monty as a head coach too since his offensive plays are almost inexistent
  8. Third time owning curry... First time it was his MVP season but I traded him away for aldridge and gay ( my first time playing fantasy haha); last season was the 2nd time and we all knew what happened. Wish this season I can finally witness the greatness of curry and enjoy his production!😄
  9. Agree. One extra point to note is that giannis has a way better ability to drive and kick, while zion is kind of a black hole after receiving the ball...( I think they are similar in the way of creating offence)
  10. 2 fouls in the first 4 mins. Then another quick foul after coming in the 2nd quarter🙄
  11. Good to have him back after 18 weeks... Against Toronto though it maybe a tough returning game for him😕 I may just hold him out for this game first
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