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  1. Just got offered my CJ for his Donovan, this is a no brainer accept right? CJ is playing lights out and Donovan the opposite, but I'm not sure that much has changed on either team that they won't go back to their averages? Also I'm punting FG% and TO as I have Harden.
  2. You also get him for FT%, there are weeks where he can win you that cat by himself. I'm holding, he's pretty streaky but I think he'll get it going.
  3. Won it in our 4 teamer lol (our first year playing, couldn't get enough friends signed up), but I was still the underdog in the final with this lineup: QB: Rodgers/Brady (Dak replacements) WR: Tyreek Hill, Calvin Ridley, DK Metcalf, Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen RB: Alvin Kamara, Derrick Henry, Austin Ekeler, James Robinson TE: Mark Andrews, TJ Hockensen K: Younghoe Koo D/ST: Streamers Losers have to pay for my superbowl lunch 😃
  4. Picked him 2nd in a 14 team H2h 9 cat, first time I've ever owned him after watching him carry teams to the finals the last few years. Please don't let this be the decline year!
  5. I'm playing him over Irv Smith and Cole Kmet with the Brees news, let's go!
  6. I've swapped him in and out of my lineup for Hill 10 times this morning... I'm back on the train for now lol
  7. I've got in Hill over Herbert, unfortunately. I'm a big underdog so I need ceiling.
  8. Considering taking him 2nd in a h2h 9 cat over Harden (pretty sure AD will be first). Although his injury history last few seasons is abit scary.
  9. I just dropped Hurst for Kmet, can't be any worse right?
  10. [...] Playing him with confidence in my 10 teamer.
  11. Need Chubb to score 2.2 and Cleveland Defense less than 25. To make the playoffs next week I needed 3 other teams to lose and me to win, just need these 2 things and I will pull off the unthinkable!
  12. Picked him up to replace Marquise Brown, hoping he does well!
  13. I'm in, playing him over Damien Harris (vs Jets), let's go!
  14. Lost Standard, and actually needed him to score less than 9, damn that Brady Gronk combo in the end zone!
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