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  1. Quiet in here. How yall liking Diggs this week?
  2. Chubb is fine... Had a productive game against one of the best defenses in football.... The schedule ahead is more than juicy. Sit back and relax
  3. Samuels IMO (if conner sits) .. he is the only healthy RB on his team with a young QB and has shown Pitts Offense has to feed thru the RB.
  4. It’s him or Tannehill for me.. got to pick one up soon. My normal starter is wentz but I will take my changes with a steamer this week.... Mason intrigues me the most due to his schedule ROS....
  5. 1 point PPR, tonight me and another owner are going to talk trades, he wants Waller or Kelce and possibly a WR. I could use some QB or RB help possibly.. What would you do? Currently Im ranked #1 , he is ranked #2 1point ppr start 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex My team QB- Wentz / Brees RB- Chubb / DJ / Edmonds / Mattison / Murray / Shady WR- Godwin / Golladay / Lockett / Diggs / Green TE- Kelce / Waller HIS team QB- Prescott / Wilson RB- Cook / Zeke / Carson / Freeman / Sanders WR- Watkins / Edleman / McLaurin / Crowder / Williamson
  6. Same, I have Godwin and I wouldnt take that. If you can make that trade happen do it
  7. Should be back this week and against s terrible Miami D... Fitz should keep Miami at least in the game. May be a good start this week. Also i so I haven’t watched a lot of his play but stats don’t look terrible in the games he started especially considering the defenses he was against... ROS his schedule is awesome ...
  8. Steelers, After seeing the Jets tonight I am not sure if they will be very reliable.
  9. Pretty simple guys lets not over think it.., They put DJ in a few plays.. Sub'ed in Edmonds and things went pretty good.. why roll DJ out when he is banged up and Edmonds is doing just fine.. Wrecked my fantasy week for sure.. But I do understand why he didnt see the field again, no point to roll him out there when Edmonds was more than enough to handle NYG .. DJ will be back ; however, I will not be starting him again until I see him log full practices.. Got lucky and picked up Murray so i am hoping I can ride that train a week or so and patiently wait for DJ
  10. No I completely disagree as well. I think Wentz has played pretty good this year but he is lacking in protection and quick playmakers. Most his receivers are big bodied guys who aren't spreading the field. Heck even the falcons were able to pressure him hardcore. I think better days are coming WHEN/IF Desean comes back.. All of the "wentz" doesnt have the team behind him talk I would love to know the source? Just 2 years ago every single news outlet praised Wentz has a leader on the field and how much the team adored him..And FWIW the starting roster is pretty much the same guys..
  11. I agree Murray is a strong volume play today.. He should get carries and be plenty involved in passing game (TreQuann Smith and Cook out also). I doubt they deploy Murray identical to how they would kamara, but still no reason he doesnt see 15+ Rush attempts and 5-6 passes (considering cook out also).. with an easy 20+ touches, he should be a very strong flex especially in PPR. Floor could be in the 8-10 range (15 rushes 40 yards / 4 catches 20 yards) and the ceiling could be pretty high too if he finds the endzone or breaks one off..
  12. need to keep an eye on D Slays status.. if he sits, MIN will definitely want to exploit that.
  13. Cousins.. He has been much better last 2 weeks.. The GB receivers are really banged up.. MIN is playing healthy in a divisional matchup and DET may be without Slay. Im starting to think this could be a big day for Diggs.
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