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  1. Looking through his game logs year by year, he’s not what you would call an “everydayer”. Big performances followed by duds all over the place. You would’ve thought being a veteran and captain on this young team he’d of stepped up in a big home game, Belicecked or not. Opportunity and volume will be there this year, but real alpha #1’s bring it week after week and bail their QB’s out with elite route running, athleticism, and grit. He just isn’t that guy, and will probably never be. WR3 ceiling.
  2. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. Teams will adapt and you have to just hope he starts looking elsewhere. I think he will adapt under McVay. Under the lions sh*tshow coaching he would just keep locked in, if that makes sense
  3. Holy taco if someone trades him away for a WR4/5
  4. Did anyone watch the game? I mean, wow.. Told myself I wouldn’t be surprised with a poor showing but this was downright horrible given his production last week and what we thought was a rapport with QB. Is Wilson just really that bad? 4 picks would seem to suggest so. Not sure how you could confidently roll him out @ DEN next week..
  5. Love to see him dominate RB share. Hate to see him get used so infrequently. What we have here is a huge disconnect from the perception of T. Lawrence and the reality. The media and scouts have hyped him up to be this generational talent and franchise saver who couldn’t fail. Meyer and the Jags think he’s the 2nd coming of Jesus. The reality is he’s been surrounded by talent his entire life leading up to this point, and was always put in a position to succeed. Now you throw him onto a team with zero chemistry, average at best O-line play, new system, new coaching staff, and a horrible defense. Add the pressure he feels and it’s a recipe for disaster. A good coach should have saw this coming. Yes he’s talented, but he’s a ROOKIE. Everyone knows the track record for rookie QB’s regardless of draft stock. The absolute worst mistake you can make as a coach is draw up a gameplan where you have this guy try to win with his arm. What should he have done? Roll the tape back to last year and watch this undrafted rookie RB single-handedly make the offense tick. Any good coach would have identified that and realized they have a run game to lean on. Here’s to hoping he’s beginning to understand this.
  6. Unless he turns into a target hog, he’s going to be TD dependent with how brutal that o-line looks. Najee is a beast no doubt but his skill set is better suited for getting a head of steam, not having to make quick jump cuts and slashes near the LOS. Some backs will still produce with poor o-line play and volume due to agility and burst. Najee doesn’t have that. He’s the type of guy who if you give him a small crease to hit, even if it closes, he’s gaining 5+ yards regardless. The good news here is he still played almost all RB snaps, Snell looked worse, and Big Ben started looking his way more once he began to realize he’s a reliable pass catchers and a monster when he gets the legs moving. I think he’ll be fine, but as mentioned by others, I don’t think you’ll get many (if any) week winning performances.
  7. If not for a Fields turnover it would be a different sentiment in here. There’s definitely going to be a couple games where Chase and Boyd ball out and Higgins disappoints, but good luck predicting them. That’s just the nature of having 3 stud pass catchers. However I still think he’s the most talented, and is a first read guy for Burrows in the red zone. I’m starting with confidence ROS until he gives me a reason not to.
  8. Lions fan here. Stafford is capable of keeping all of these guys fantasy relevant like he did week 1. However he has a history in Detroit of locking onto 1 or 2 guys for stretches of time when the going gets rough, instead of keeping the defense guessing. I’m hoping McVay doesn’t allow this to happen. Today was a prime example of him keying in on a guy.
  9. I mean.. you have a guy who does this almost every game, we haven’t heard bad news from the team, and he’s signing jerseys. We won’t know for sure until the report comes out, but from the sidelines here it appears he’ll be fine. 1-2 weeks max, if any time at all.
  10. Welp, after watching the first drive it’s gonna be another rough week and long season. The biggest issue I see is defenses don’t fear Big Ben making throws beyond 10 yards, which makes the poor offensive line really stand out
  11. Mckissic is a good scat back no doubt. What’s concerning is how often they use him in situations that aren’t obvious passing downs. Gibson gets treated like he has zero ball skills and wasn’t a WR in college. I could understand 2 minute drill, late 4th quarter and AG already had 20+ touches, but to throw Mckissic in over Gibson when running the ball is still on the table just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  12. I think you took it too literal. The intention was to paint a picture of how my crazy kind operates when evaluating a player’s market value. My apologies, I could have stated it in fewer words. In regards to my comment on dropping him if he performs poorly in week 2, that was in redraft. My hypothetical examples were regarding more of a dynasty/keeper mindset. I don’t think anyone’s buying Callaway in redrafts of 12 teams or less if he has a poor showing Sunday.
  13. Lmao. Watch the game. Hyde was in more than he should have been, but most was during garage time. Meyers will lose his job if he continues to run Hyde that much, unless he’s putting the team on his back and they are winning.. which just isn’t happening
  14. So let me ask you. Do you know with 100% certainty Callaway is going to be a consistent contributor this season? WR2? WR3-4, what? No, you don’t. And frankly, none of us do. So what percentage do you give him of meeting your expectations, 40%, 70%? That’s up for each individual to determine. So as an example, let’s say I believe his odds of being a WR3 or higher are 40%, but someone offers me a player who I believe has a 50% chance, I’ll accept that trade. Conversely, if I’m evaluating a player who I feel others might be high on, but I feel his odds of being a WR3 or higher are 30%, I may send the offer to a Callaway owner. It’s not a matter or whether I want him or not. Part of me does, part of me doesn’t. I’m sure most of us feel that way. The question is rather can I acquire him or sell him for good value, knowing he’s relatively unknown and unproven.
  15. Agree, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he had like 13 targets, 6 receptions for 80 yards and 50% chance of a TD. Wilson’s weapons are minimal and when all fails be may just lean on the big fella. Wilson’s strengths are his ability to improvise and push the ball downfield. That, more than anything is why I believe their connection will be long lasting
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