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  1. If the trade is 1 for 1, I don't see why you wouldn't go with Giannis. Giannis is + in rebs & assists; - in only FT%. Everything else is comparable. I think Giannis is more dependable. I am in heavy favor of trading Embiid for Giannis.
  2. 9 category scoring league.. I was offered Dray, Jimmy Bulter, Lonzo Ball for Joker and Mikal Bridges. I am leaning towards accepting... share thoughts, WHIR
  3. I dont want to chase point, but I seem to have good flex options right now: Keke - Cobb potentially out TY Hilton - back to back solid weeks Duke Johnson - DJ out Ty Johnson - Gore out Mark Andrews - I'm currently starting Hockenson over him...
  4. Flying under the radar... will hit in 3 hole with loss of Springer and Brantley, somehow looking like a sleeper right now.
  5. I think he should be drafted at 3 this year, only behind Acuna and Trout.
  6. Need to add Crochet in the bullpen, he is a HUGE impact arm. Hendricks / Hand should be main targets now. Q makes all the sense in the world to be the long relief / depth SP. Don't forget about Garcia on the bench, he is very valuable.
  7. ranking within the tiers would be helpful: 1) Barkley > CMC > Zeke 2) Cook > Kamara > Henry > CEH 3) Mixon > Sanders > Drake 4) Chubb > Jacobs > Aaron Jones >
  8. I may be overthinking my options here but this is my scenario: Keepers: Kamara & Mahomes Players available when I pick at #3: MT, CEH, Kelce, Derrick Henry, Miles Sanders.... Obvious pick is MT, but then I have alot of my eggs in the Saints basket with an aging QB... CEH is in an excellent situation, alot of my eggs in potent offense, plays Chargers and Broncos 4 times (I consider both great defenses), possible high-end RB1 upside... but has rookie risk... I list Kelce because of position scarcity.. Combo him up with Mahomes Thoughts? Suggestions? Go with the
  9. Seahawks are overrated; I cannot see them being good this year.
  10. I disagree with the notion of waiting to the last 2 rounds to take a solid D. Top D's can be match-up winners. 2017 Jags, 2018 Bears, 2019 Pats/Ravens
  11. Mitch is reliant on Nagy's play calling which was atrocious last year combined with a terrible O-line, almost impossible for Mitch to succeed. Monty is tied to Mitch, will only take a step forward if Mitch/Nagy can take a step forward.
  12. Move Juju up, assuming Ben's health. Thielen will get peppered with targets. Hilton to get the Keenan treatment? I like the possibility there. OBJ somehow underrated, he's 27, had over 1,000 yards last year, RB-RB-OBJ is a solid start
  13. Cam is overrated. Without his legs, he is a below avg QB. With recent shoulder injuries, I am sure he less inclined to run the ball. Same as the Keap argument, media hypes them up to be much better than they are. Given the circus and below avg throwing skills, I am not surprised they are both FAs.
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