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  1. I hope the Walrus remembers 2005. Carson Palmer led the Bengals to the playoffs, clinching before week 16 so he sat. He played one snap in their playoff game due to a knee injury. Lotta good resting him did. I don't know about you but it seems to me players get injured in practice more than in games. Are they going skip games AND pull an Iverson? Seems like a good way to get out of rhythm.
  2. ATL is actually pretty good against the run. I see your point, though. CHI O-line was HORRIBLE at the beginning of the year. Seemed like every play Mont was getting hit behind the line. He's been getting holes to run through now. He's always been good runner. His strengths are yards after contact and elusiveness. People just see numbers and assume he stinks. Lazy takes. I'll admit I'm not so knowledgable that I have tabs on the health/stats of o-lines but I know enough to recognize the lines was bottom of the league and he's not as bad as the stats were indicating earlier. This and his en
  3. No one is taking that contract. They'd have to give up WAY too much for someone to bite. If cut it's $12M to $16M cap hit until 2026. He's a Cowboy until 2026 barring something crazy.
  4. Happy with the production.....would elated if they didn't completely stink up the second half. Should've been a monster game.
  5. I'm here to brag about how awesome I am for predicting things that happened, completely ignore all I was wrong about and refuse to admit I'm capable of being wrong. If shown statistical facts that "prove" I'm wrong I'll just move the goal post and change the argument so I can forever believe I'm right in my own mind.
  6. Schedule w/ Trubisky: @DET,NYG,@ATL,@GB, DET,HOU - ARobs stats: 6gm 41/502/4 p/g 6.83/83.67/0.67 Schedule w/ Foles: IND,TB,@CAR,@LAR,NO,@TEN,MIN - ARobs stats: 7gm 45/575/2 p/g 6.42/82.12/0.28 With exception of TDs the averages are pretty close. Trubisky has one tough game to five cake walks.(NYG D sucked early) Foles had four difficult matchups, two bad secondaries on decent teams and bad CAR. This may be Nagy's most genius move of his career. Put Foles in to game manage against good teams so Trubs doesn't mess it up. When the schedule is easy, see
  7. Get in and get lucky. Been saying it for years.
  8. https://twitter.com/Alex__Monaco/status/1338707218074542080?s=20
  9. Way too many variables to say Diggs is the catalyst for Allen's improvement. We are both speculating as speculation is the only thing anyone can do in situations like this. Impossible to prove causation with infinite variables.
  10. It's a combination of Lamar's inaccuracy and Brown's weak body/hands. Brown had three step on his defender and Lamar under threw him. Would've been a 70+ yard TD. Brown also had some balls that were a bit off but within reach that a bigger, stronger handed WR would've snagged easily.
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