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  1. Saw a report that he pulled himself from practice today and may have aggravated his hip injury
  2. Keep in mind that Cory Joseph played for Casey in Toronto so it wouldn’t surprise me if he played just as many minutes as he did in Sacramento (if not more) to keep DSJ as low end value (at best)
  3. Low key might be the biggest winner of the Delon Wright trade
  4. TJ had been averaging close to 14 potential assists (13.8) a game with Levert out They've been cut in half (7) since his return I'm still holding through the week but this is a trend I'm gonna be watching out for
  5. Q: The Bam Adebayo update is somewhat concerning, since he had all of All-Star week to rest and now has missed games after the All-Star break. In his short career, Bam is not one to miss games. -- Douglas. A: But in his short career, Bam Adebayo has never been involved in the meat-grinder type of schedule the Heat are facing the second half of this season. So if you get a soft spot in the schedule (with all due respect to Orlando, Chicago, and possibly Cleveland on Tuesday), you take advantage. Soon there will be games against other teams in the Eastern Conference playoff race
  6. Nwaba's wingspan and incredible individual motor was a huge reason their small ball works. With him now being sidelined for a at least 6 weeks along with the possibility of Tucker being moved (another big reason their small ball lineups works) Silas might no longer have an option of going small They also had to make a decision yesterday on who to waive between Mason Jones or Patton to make room for Lamb and they chose to release Jones who had played very well for them and by the response I seen on Twitter many fans and I even saw some NBA beat guys being surprised he got let go So e
  7. It’s being reported that the 76ers are looking to make a big move. I have to think Thybulle would have to be involved in any deal as he’s one of their better assets One name they have been linked to is Lowry but I don’t see that happening now that Toronto is playing well but another name they have been linked to is PJ Tucker Here’s hoping Thybulle gets flipped to Houston or anywhere that has him playing a consistent 20+ minute role
  8. A little Killian update from yesterday No timetable was offered but they say 8 weeks in mid January so probably around mid March he should be reevaluated
  9. Delon did come back to the bench after going to the locker room and I didn’t see any mention of an MRI last night Low key hoping we don’t hear anything today other than a questionable tag for tomorrow game (which he would most likely miss anyway for precautionary reasons I bet) But I did waste my last acquisition on DSJ just in case bc Detroit don’t have any other PG on the roster that’s not a two way player Josh Jackson has been handling the ball a lot recently for the second unit so I can see him benefiting the most other than DSJ if Delon misses any extended time
  10. The Wizards declining Mo option really worries me but considering that they are only 2 games out of the play in game you have to think they want to keep Beal happy and happily go chasing waterfalls for him So 2 wins in a row w Mo starting should only help his case for the time being
  11. SVG hinted after the Pelicans last game that it might be time to consider changing his rotation but that he didn’t know who he could turn to bc he doesn’t know who has that defensive mentality he’s looking for One take away from that game that I saw was that it was evident that the Pistons were trying to punk Kira (Josh Jackson especially) but he wasn’t having it and this comes after SVG praised loving Kira mentality after the Bulls game a couple games earlier So keep an eye out to see if SVG follows through with his comments and maybe pulls the plug on Bledsoe who clearly doesn’t
  12. He picked up two quick fouls w 8 minutes left in the 1st quarter so he might have seen a couple more minutes tonight Definitely worth a speculative add as he closed out the game in a win + Twolves got a Tue/Wed back to back
  13. If it wasn’t for tonight’s game (everybody eats against Washington) I would have welcomed the ability to put Mitch on my IR so I can stream his spot Or at least that’s what I’m gonna be telling myself if this injury ends up being long term
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