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  1. I just think thier are so many more mouths to feed on okc westbrooks numbers wont get any better they will stay the same simmons has the potential to get alot better but yea idk ?
  2. If im sounding like an idiot id like to know that aswell lol this is my first year fantasy. Needing all the critisism i can get
  3. So a trade has finaly bin worked up and its been accepted Westbrook, Sabonis, Olynik for B.Simmons, Oubre Jr, D.Waiters I believe Simmons is going to top westbrook in almost all catagories come midseason. This is his first year playing PG i can only see his assists going up. Sabonis is going to get less minuits when turner is back so thats not a bad unload I didnt wanna give away olynik as i am realy screwing myself here for rebounds/Centers but the people in my league are very willing to trade and i think i can easily work something out to get a good cen
  4. He is thinking about it , he likes the trade i offered im going for whiteside, good or bad idea ?
  5. He is thinking about it , he likes the trade i offered im going for whiteside, good or bad idea ?
  6. Also as it stand this week i am beating everyone in my league in assists by 15-30 exept the petson im trading and one other guy so im not all that worried about assists i have room to make another future trade or pickup to boost my assist i believe. change you decision at all?
  7. Im jist having a hard time believing in collison with so many other hot players on the pacers he may be good for assists but thats about all i see in him atm i dont think hes going to have many games supporting a full fantasy line.
  8. so your thinking i should keep WB? or your saying its a good trade offer
  9. 10 team , 10 cat league. H2H each catagory FGM, FTM, 3PT, REB, AST, ST, BLK, TO, DD, TD. PG = R. Westbrook, K. Lowry SG = D.Booker, D.Collison SF = R. Hood. K.Middleton PF = D. Sabonis, A.Aminu C = K. Olynyk, M. Gortat Bench = J.Simmons, T Evans, D.Smith Jr, C. Levert, P. Gasol
  10. Im offering Westbrook and Collison for Millsap and Cousins. im looking to boost my fgm and ftm and also bring his stacked team down a notch or 2 lol i think he may accept is this a good or bad go on my part.
  11. D.Collison ... how unconsistant can you be honestly...........
  12. Thinking about dropping aminu and grabbing holmes??? Well i know im dropping aminu but who to pick up is the question?
  13. Well the best of luck to both of us i guess hah
  14. ?? You think hes steppin up his game ?
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