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  1. trade just went down in my league. Jokic Kyrie for LeBron Collins. 10 team pts
  2. Wondering when the guy in my league will give up on him. Trying to buy for da low low
  3. Stiches around his eye. Questionable to return. he BACK
  4. fun to watch his box score. IMO he is one of the most boring players to watch. especially live.
  5. that's respect not disrespect mayne. the shorter your thread the better you are
  6. traded one Point God for another. CP3 for Conley in a 10 team pts league
  7. just traded him for Ja in a points league. hahahaha. idk what to think.
  8. he was in foul trouble all of last year too
  9. dropped this guy to activate LeSKRRRRRT. did i dun goof?
  10. imagine you being a player and you know they are trying to short u 500k. that sounds frustrating as hell.
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