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  1. Looking for one replacement owner team has some good guys but the guy quit after a few rounds of the draft because he didn't like the MFL interface. $5 buy in this year lokkignto be $10-$15 next year just started haven't played a week yet just drafted. Oh and it's .5 ppr 2 flexes and Idp with 1DL, 1LB, 1DB, 1DP. PLAYER YTD PTS BYE Smith, Alex KCC QB 23.00 10 Wilson, Russell SEA QB 51.42 6 Allen, Javorius BAL RB 16.00 10 Bell, Le'Veon
  2. Are you in the league? Like have you received the invite? If not message me your email
  3. Hey guys still looking for 2 people to join our mid season dynasty startup. We are playing on MFL(my football league) which is doing free leagues for the rest of the year, next year we will divide the fee evenly amongst members. Using league safe for the funds it's $5 entry, prizes are $30-1st $20-2nd $10-3rd. Looking to bump the fee up to $10-15 next year though. Message me with questions or just your email and I'll add you to the groupme and the league.
  4. Both should have invite in your email to the group me it's a free app we can all group text on without needing each others number to discuss the league and draft date.
  5. We have 5/12 guys trying to get it together before next weeks games.
  6. Still looking for people guys message me your group me if you wanna join
  7. Starting a group me for everyone interested comment your GroupMe contact info or message me.
  8. So how about 12 Team .5 PPR IDP. $5 buy in this year $30 to 1st: $20 to 2nd: $10 to 3rd. Next year we will talk about making it a higher $10-$20 but in. We can use leaguesafe for prize pool. Position wise I'm down with Idp being simplified to 1 Dl 1 LB 1DB and 1 DP. And I'm down to discuss the OP slot so people could do 2 QBs just want to make sure everyone is on the same page with that but definitely an extra WR/RB or Flex.
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