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  1. Yesterday a trade that I proposed was accepted in my yahoo pro league, which started the two day trade review process which was supposed to go through 12/31 Woke up this morning and it now says it should be processed by 1/1. After doing some digging, it looks like it was extended the extra day because someone protested the trade. Since this is a pro league and Yahoo is technically the commissioner, what are the chances the trade is now going to be cancelled? Or does it automatically get cancelled if enough people protest the trade? Has anyone experienced this?
  2. Thank you for the insight. We will see what happens, good luck to you.
  3. Just traded away KAT this morning for Wood and he accepted. Did I win the trade?
  4. I disagree. I think KAT is very injury prone and is the new Embiid hes very fragile. This injury is more then what people think and he cant seem to stay healthy. We will see what happens.
  5. Im not really expecting him too. I know I am not going to get a player that will match his 1st round value. But to get a player who has great upside in Wood I think is a win. Not sure I could have gotten someone with a higher ADP. Well see. Good luck to you.
  6. There’s no timetable to his return. My guess is 4-6 weeks the earliest but could be more. just don’t have faith in KAT staying healthy and love the upside of wood. Don’t think I could have gotten a better deal for him.
  7. Just traded KAT for Wood. Tough trade but had to pull the trigger due to KAT’s uncertainty moving forward. What can we expect here moving forward? 3rd round value?
  8. Do yourselves a favor and trade him ASAP. This will be a lingering issue. The longer you wait the more his value decreases.
  9. Re-watched the end of the game when he came back in. Looked to be 'fine' but was noticeably not himself and not at 100%.
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