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  1. Kudos to DJ for accepting the veteran role and really embracing without all that "Kanter bitching". Mitch Rob has been flourishing under his wing, especially on the rebounding department.
  2. Because they are idiots. They had Convigton among the top waiver wire pick ups for weeks while he was providing top 30 value (that was before he got injured)
  3. Scored 10 points in 6 minutes, got benched and never played again in the first half. Only 2 fouls, so...... WTF? LET HIM EAT FIDZ!!!
  4. D Russ has been formidable during the Levert-less span. He has improved, not only in box scores but IRL as well, since the Nets get wins with him leading the way. The biggest (pleasant) surprise to me during this period is the fact that he increased his usage (taking more shots and dishing more assists) while sustaining his TO's to the same level and even improve his fg %. He is healthy, he fills the box scores and he is leading. Big congrats to D Lo.
  5. it's been a long time. 3-6 weeks seems plausible but we know nothing until we have something official. I am afraid we are in the dark guys.
  6. He should be considered a steals specialist imo. 1.5 stls in 20 mins. A few assists, a triple and a block occasionally are the added bonuses.
  7. Why did he play only 16 mins? Did anyone watch the game? He had 0 TOs and only 1 foul? His per minutes stats are more than fine. What caused the drop in his playtime?
  8. I get the frustration but i think you are exaggerating. I agree, there are many mouths to feed in Denver right now but still... You underestimate Harris. I asked you your league format out of curiosity but it doesn't really matter. Unless you are in a super shallow league with no IR spots it doesn't make any sense to even consider about dropping. He is giving you 3s, points and steals in an efficient way (when healthy), what more can you ask? The CS are easing his way back to the starting lineup.
  9. I own him in 9 cat H2H. He is great for me. In a H2H format you 'd rather own a player who is elite in a bunch of cats and irrelevant to the rest, than own a guy who is mediocre in all cats. In roto it is an other story... If he keeps his ft % in a descent degree, i will be more than satisfied with his production as it is right now. As far as the reasoning behind the lack in stocks, i can only think that he knows he is the 1st or 2nd option on offense and he can't risk foul trouble. Keep in mind that Hawks are trying to lose every game possible, so it's not like the coaching staff will push hi
  10. When GSW were up against the Lakers, they had clearly a misadvantage on the glass. Lakres were guarding only the shooters (klay, steph, kd) so Kevon looney was open all the time. Kerr admited that playing without a classic center is a problem at times at both ends. Looney was incapable to score easy buckets and that encourage Lakers to keep ignoring him in order to double steph, klay and KD. If Cousins was in his place... that would be a nother case. My point being, they need him on their offense as much as they need him on defense.
  11. you did not flipped the coin, you gave away the coin for free. ...that is a nice trade though
  12. We should take into account that Russell is going up against starters while DnWdie is facing second units. I think Russ has a better shooting mechanism and stroke but he has worst decision making overall, that results in bad shooting decisions at times. However, the coaching staff trusts both of them for big shots in the crunch time, depends who's hot atm.
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