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  1. I took a shot on him in one of my leagues. If it doesn't work out I'll release him and grab a bi-week defense when I need it. And If he lights it up I'll trade him.
  2. I think it was a good deal for all parties. If your a legit contender you MUST have a capable backup. And that's exactly what he is at this stage of his career.
  3. No. He is what he is. He's not a franchise QB by any means.
  4. I say don't overthink it. You'll overthink yourself right out of a championship. He's a beast and will put up big time numbers regardless. He's that good. If you have a shot at him don't hesitate.
  5. I happen to like Dak but they are going to stink this year. Just not enough weapons on offense or defense. It's very possible that they finish last in the NFC East.
  6. I absolutely agree. They are nowhere near as bad as people seem to think. They may surprise some people.
  7. Have you not watched him? He a good run blocker but a turnstile in the passing game. You already acknowledged he's the worst LT in the East, and it's not close.
  8. He's not top 10. To pay him as the best lineman in football is an insane act of desperation. He wasn't even the best lineman on the Patriots last season. Average salary: $15.5M (1st among OTs) Signed 3-year, $66.4M contract in March 2018. Solder shows how much NFL teams are willing to shell out to land solid offensive linemen. And that’s all Solder is – an average left tackle, but one who’s making nearly $2 million per year more than the next-highest-paid player at his position. His contract is structured so the Giants can get out of it prior to 2020, but that doesn’t balance out t
  9. Solder?? What the hell has he ever done. He stinks and is grossly overpaid.
  10. They keep the QB clean. That's why they won a Superbowl my friend.
  11. With all that Hall of Fame talent how could they not go 16-0 and stroll to a lopsided Super Bowl victory? I wouldn't even show up if I had to line up against those guys.
  12. Who knows. He's the media darling. Most of them wouldn't report it if it was true anyhow. I don't take much out of it. His game was always his smarts, not so much his talent.
  13. And I don't think you can discount longevity. Brady has stayed pretty healthy his entire career. He wasn't the reason they lost that Superbowl last year.
  14. So? Montana didn't have near the career Brady still has. It's not even close. Where's the debate? The facts are facts.
  15. Is this really a discussion? Brady is clearly the GOAT. It's not even up for debate anywhere. Those conversations are over.
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