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  1. someone in CHA getting shipped. possibly package deal. keep eye on Lamb possibly getting more minutes too if that happens
  2. for anyone who's watching the game, what're you saying?
  3. Added him an hr before last nights big game .. Kerr said before game he’d like to see Bell/Green pairing a lot more going forward ..so hopefully that meant Bell is their starting center .. even then I don’t think he’ll exceed 24-26 mins with Warriors logjam in front court but those minutes are enough for him to give you 11-12/8/1/1.5
  4. HOWBOUDAHH! go grab him if you have a bum at the end of your team you dont give 2 s**** about
  5. If he can get 24-28 mins with starting unit, 10-12 shots a game is possible. Plus Nuggets could let him showcase whatever he has left in the tank to give him a chance to build up his stock (as long as Nuggets are winning obviously). it's possible it takes him a few games to get going since he doesn't have much chemistry with the starting unit (assuming he stays starting pf). 12-12.5 pts 8-9 rebounds is very likely. Lyles and Juancho are not the guys to rely on so I don't honk they're a big threat to Farieds value. All depends on how much Malone likes the guy and if he's willing to give him a l
  6. who would you rather take a chance on at this point? Donovan or Monk? His recent 2 games, hes averaged 16 shot attempts and those games were against Grizz and Bucks. Both games they surprsingly won too with no garbage time being a factor of his production. Sure fg% could be low being a rookie but what do you guys think?
  7. trust me i know lol. I was high on DSJ and reached for him 6th rd. I'm paying the price now. Hopefully by ASB, he can get to 15-16ppg 3-4 rbds and 6.5-7 assists.
  8. 100 percent agree. They desperately need consistent scoring from bench to stay relevant in the West. Mitchell could possibly be that guy sooner than later.
  9. Neto got 2 minutes today, 0 last game, 14 minutes before that game with 2 shots. Clearly hes not a major part of their rotation. And I actually just made this acct 2 days ago and this was my first post. so ya, theres that answer. When im projecting 15-17 ppg, im not projecting those numbers within a week btw. Im not going off this game where he just blew up. Hood not doing jack had a lot to do with him getting 34 minutes. (I actually watched the game)
  10. lol. Burks and SEFOLOSHA are his competition? Burks cant get it going and Sefolosha isnt a scorer. Hes a Roberson type of player use strictly for defense. Sure he had a nice game tonight but we all know Thabo isnt scoring like that each night. Mitchell is worth an add if you have someone a bum to cut. I cut Holiday for him tonight bc im got impatient with him. Hes been killing my fg%
  11. lol. wasnt on hype train but with the opportunity CLEARLY being there for him to produce, it'd be hard to just leave him hanging! lets goooO!
  12. Like i said, JoJo is out and his 20-22 mpg including SHOTS have to be replaced. Not sure what part of that logic you dont understand. 15-17 ppg is not out of the world numbers.
  13. i think he sees upstick in minutes and usage with JoJo being out. Utah needs some bench scoring and he can be THAT guy. Minutes should be on the rise. Im assuming (hoping) 25-28 mpg. Tonights line is probably bc of Hood building a brick house but I think he can average 15-17ppg. But hopefully tonights game and the big W was a confidence builder
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