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  1. Yo thanks for helping me with mine. I hate to confuse you but I would go with Josh Allen. Prescott torched the Giants D last week, and Pittsburgh looked pathetic last week. Seahawks D scares me more than Giants. Josh Allen also is coming off a nice comeback win, and has potential to get big rushing yards. I would roll with Allen.
  2. Definitely a good trade. You needed rb depth, and Mack looked solid last week.
  3. I would do it. Ur wrs are stacked w/ Juju and DHop. However, Bernard as your rb2 is trash. You need more rb depth, and JG isnt even a starter on your team. Get Mack for sure, he looked good last week.
  4. 1 pt ppr. Should I go Andrews cuz he popped off last week?
  5. Martavis. I don't trust Agholar with Nick Foles at qb.
  6. I would go with JuJu and Bryant. Last week against the Texans, the Jaguars (YES THE JAGUARS) receivers put up 268 YARDS AND 3 TOUCHDOWNS. That's 44 points right there. Assuming Big Ben, who is 10x better than Bortles, throws for 300 yards, I'd say at least 150 of those will go to JuJu + Bryant. Thats 15 points, without even including receptions/touchdowns. But you'll probably win no matter who you start. You got this!
  7. 1 pt ppr I've got Ertz going tonight, and then I can choose from 2 receivers. Martavis Bryant or Amari Cooper. I know Bryant is supposed to be a good start this week but idk, if the Steelers get up big on the Texans with some Le'veon touchdowns Bryant might not do too much. Whereas the Raiders will probably be down big and need to pass a lot. Do I go for the hail mary and hope Cooper can put up 44 points again like he did in week 7?
  8. At TE I'd go with Doyle. For WR I'd go with DT and Cole. I don't like Kupp too much cuz last week with Robert Woods back he basically did nothing, and Goff has too many weapons so idk if the volume will be there. And for defense go with the Panthers, they're at home and the Rams are on the road.
  9. Go with Foles for the superflex. And definitely don't bench Julio, you can never bench the only guy in the league that put up a 50 point week
  10. Patrick Peterson is overrated my friends. I expect another solid 20 point ppr outing from Shepard. Whenever everyone thinks Shepard should be benched is when he does his best. The experts said to start him 2 weeks ago and bench him last week, and he burned the experts twice. You gotta do the opposite of what the experts say when it comes to this guy... Start Shepard = Win Championship
  11. Damn, those are some poor options at TE lol. I think you gotta go with Davis even though he kinda sucks. And for WR/flex, I think I'd go with both of those waiver wire choices. I like Woods and Wallace the most out of all those guys.
  12. I'd actually go with Wright. I watched a bit of the last bears game and Wright is clearly Trubisky's favorite option in the passing game. He's got a nice matchup against the Browns and should put up solid ppr numbers as he has been doing lately. Jacksonville has been spreading the ball out a ton lately and you just never know which receiver will be Bortle's go-to.
  13. I'd say Winston, Flacco is just not that good in fantasy he's more of a game manager. Winston looked pretty good last week against the Falcons and although it's not the best matchup, the Bucs will probably be trailing the whole game and will have to pass.
  14. Dude this decision is like impossible how do u have all these receivers...I guess I would go with AJG, Baldwin and Gordon but honestly I have no idea
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