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  1. Embiid and Kemba Walker Both having a tough week, with low % and less points.
  2. See, i've told you. B-U-I-L-D-I-N-G B-L-O-C-K, and building stocks aswell
  3. I dont understand the worries, finally they got a player to build around. The true building block, cuz Towns sucks, easy...
  4. 10 team Roto How do you value Brogdon, SGA, White? I have Brogdon and the others are on the waiver. The lack of defensive stats are capping Brogdon value this year...
  5. That's the good part, my league mates still haven't understand his top 50 value (at least) and ESPN rankings helps. Next year probably ill need a 6pick
  6. I've got Harris on all my teams for the last 3 seasons, he continues to be undervalued at pre-draft rankings and i dont want my fantasy collegues to take him once, or it'll be harder to get him next years... This year 8pick (medium competitive leagues) was reserved for him.
  7. I'm sticking with him for two reasons, he finaly look fit and focused on the game. And the stats are the result of this two.
  8. Seating PGs against BKN is a crime... you should be punished!
  9. I'm so happy my league teammates didnt pick any of my Butler trades... Finally is putting great stats with great % as i was expecting.
  10. Hi guys, i have both but i need to drop one of them. Dsjr isnt playing good, but has upside for a 2nd season half. Can Dinwiddie maintain his production with Russel's return? Ty in advance
  11. It's a good deal. Dipo is playing so good... and i dont think Wall will reach top 10/15, last year was is best season. Jordan + Young is good aswell for Bledsoe.
  12. I would go for Teodosic, mostly because of his minutes. Ullis is sharing time with James.
  13. Who wins here? (10 teams roto 8cat) Im looking for rebounds but Butler is starting to post stellar stats. So, who do you prefer? Thanks
  14. I just hate his FG%, if he's less involved in offense he should be having an stellar FG%. 50FG with defense stats would be great for me. But i guess he's just taking wrong shots in the wrong places for him. Let's hope they figure it out...
  15. I think it's fair, because Embiid, beside his upside, may have health issues, but as i said, i think Brook will be shutdown so he wont play all season aswell. And its like 1-4/2-3 trade in terms of players ranking
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