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  1. FML I have both TT and Nance on a 20 team league... No real pickups either, so I guess I'll have to wait to see how this all shakes out.
  2. Agreed, even games where we lost have shown that there's spark on this team. The Bucks game should've ended much worse than it did, but the Raps clawed their way back to make it interesting. I anticipate we'll see more of those Losing Lowry, Ibaka and now OG will show that this team is legit, and that Nurse is a very good coach who finds ways to win. He gameplanned the two LA games really well, and while Bron and Kawhi had nice lines, the Raps still managed to make life much more difficult for them.
  3. Terence Davis, RHJ, Matt Thomas and maybe even Stanley Johnson and for super deep leagues Dewan Hernandez will get more burn to cover injuries to 3 starters. Really sucks for OG though... dude keeps getting hit with random injuries throughout his career but he was really putting together a nice season.
  4. Norm Powell, then Terence Davis if you've got a bust wasting space on your roster
  5. RHJ might still be available if you missed out... 😁
  6. But then if Ibaka potentially gets traded before deadline, you know it's time to jump back on the Boucher bus
  7. The blocks will come... I'm sure he's just a bit winded from FIBA but his Rebs have trended up from early in the season. What I'm more disappointed in is his interaction with Conley. I thought for sure the addition of Mike, and a full training camp would result in easy lobs and lots of good attempts but it hasn't happened yet...
  8. If he's available and people in your league are still sleeping, grab the GLeague MVP and DPOY asap. While he's super skinny, he's got length and motor, plus he can stroke the 3. If you're in a deeper league where he's likely gone, and you have a streaming spot, consider keeping an eye on Rondae
  9. Aside from FVV who's probably already taken in your leagues, Norm Powell and Terence Davis are gonna have a chance to step it up... Maybe some Stanley Johnson too off the bench...
  10. I have nothing to argue for or against, except: when we talk about undrafted players, let's not ignore that most recently and more relevantly, NBA Champion Fred Van Vleet played a massive role in the Raptors post-season, and even received a NBA Finals MVP vote because of it... and he went undrafted.
  11. Right?!? Also, dude only score 4 pts in the 2nd half... WTF is wrong with this scrub?!?!? Drop City 🤣
  12. I wonder how much having a kid last week is also affecting him at this point. His %s are still down, but I'm hoping those will correct themselves as he gets himself into proper game shape.
  13. There's a popular belief that unions protect lazy, unmotivated workers. Guess who's the NBA Player Union president...
  14. WTF is wrong with people?! He posts a crazy line with a near unorthodox double-double in rebs/assists, and puts up a ridiculous 9 stocks, and people are still upset!? This is Jimmy celebrating after the ticking time bomb he planted last year finally exploded when Embiid and KAT went head-to-head... This man is a stud (just ask KAT's girl 😂)
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