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  1. Down 13 ppr. I have Cook and Theilan and they have a kicker, Graham and Chi def. Think I'm screwed :/
  2. Just missed a 2 peat by 1.68. Would have been the first 3x champ in our 9 year league. Now my opponent is the first 3x champ. Even worse because I benched Rodgers for Trubisky 😭😭💩
  3. CJ is. But I have to pay for waiver moves at this point and my last move I need for wr thanks to OBJ 😡
  4. Me too. Thought the gurley owner was a clown for not picking him up earlier. Now I’m the clown lmao.
  5. I am considering running him over Rodgers @ Chi and Trubisky. We'll see if I have the cajones...
  6. Traded Jordan Reed. Received Mark Ingram. League mates are crying. I don’t think it’s that bad.
  7. I have the same list but mine has the dec 31st deadline messsge I posted above ??‍♂️
  8. From yahoo. We really need to sweat out a stat change till Sunday?????
  9. I’m in same boat with a .08 lead. Already had a correction about half hour after game(yahoo). any other games have a potential stat correction this week?
  10. Now I'm up by .08!!! Think Ajayi got credited with a yard back? Too close to call. This will either be a rant or a CSB come thursday after yahoo stat corrections!
  11. Did yahoo change Ajayi stats after the game tonight? I was down by .02 not I'm up by .08??? A title is on the line.
  12. Lost by 0.2 thanks for all the replies. Better luck next years
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