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  1. going 9/27 is disappointing especially since he didn't show up when it mattered in the clutch. if the hawks want to be a winning basketball team he needs to be more efficient
  2. i just got offered zeller for keldon johnson...should i be considering in a points league?
  3. trending upwards with that but from what i've seen i'd be surprised if it isn't another week. but if he's back before February i'm happy
  4. levert will probably start. i think the spread minutes out and bruce brown likely gets shoved into the lineup somewhere. no big adds
  5. hmm? looks like he's going to miss some time...like i said he would. some of y'all too optimistic
  6. can we really say he's fine? def a chance he misses some time
  7. i'm thinking the same but josh allen's value as a runner makes me think he's still worth a start over most
  8. i need 4 points from steelers D but i have this feeling
  9. still a tough matchup on a perpetually dying offense. but with the workload and talent can we rank him over guys like hunt and dobbins who split work in a juicy matchup?
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