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  1. Thank you, Matthew Stafford, for ballin' out today.
  2. I don't see any reason why he won't get peppered with targets again. The question is how efficient he and Stanton will be together on the road in Seattle. At least the weather doesn't seem as though it will be a factor. This could be Fitz's last game of his career as he has said that he is unsure if he will come back next year. So maybe the Cards will try to help him have a really good game just in case this ends up being his farewell performance. That does go hand-in-hand with their best way to have offensive success anyway.
  3. No Goff at QB and no Sullivan and Whitworth on the O-line. And the 49ers have become good against the run. Still a good volume play though, I would think.
  4. Ordinarily, Brandon Coleman would get the start to give the Saints that big-bodied WR on the outside in place of Michael Thomas, but Coleman lost two fumbles in the redzone last week so I don't know how much faith the Saints have in him right now.
  5. This is pretty good news though. It just means McVay won't put Ficken out there to try 50+ yarders (unless it's at the end of the half maybe), but he isn't going to not try FG's on fourth down in more respectable ranges. "But in terms of, ‘Are we going to be going for it on fourth downs and things like that?’ That won’t change. I think just the distance at which you would punt as opposed to maybe attempt a field goal because of the range that Greg has, that would really be the only thing that would be altered with our approach just right now.”" Ficken actually looks as though he has a really strong leg for both FG's and kickoffs (fantasy irrelevant but from what I've seen of him on Youtube, his kickoffs go to the back of the endzone). Of course, it's perfectly understandable that McVay wouldn't trust him like he trusted Zuerlein. Sam Ficken nails 65-yard FG in practice
  6. 35% chance of snow with winds from 13-18 mph in Chicago for the Browns vs. Bears game
  7. Thoughts on Howard this week? - an extra day of rest from having played on Saturday - home favorite (-6.5 pts), so there should be a positive game script - 26 degrees with 10-15 mph winds - Cleveland does have a good run defense though, although they do seem to be a bit more generous when playing on the road...and for various reasons, Howard had great games (140+ yards rushing each time) against the other three AFC North teams that he has faced.
  8. Ingram did stay in bounds. The replay still shot showed a visible amount of green turf between Ingram's foot and the white sideline. Sean Payton couldn't challenge the call though because the ref blew the whistle and called the play dead when he ruled Ingram out of bounds. It actually should have been a passing TD for Brees and a receiving TD for Ingram. The Saints settled for a FG.
  9. I think that's a valid concern. You have to keep in mind that the Saints host the Falcons in week 16. If the Saints enter the 4th quarter up comfortably (which is certainly possible), would Sean Payton keep Kamara on the sideline safe and ready for week 16 while trotting Ingram out there to close the game out with the ground and pound? We could even see a Trey Edmunds sighting late in the 4th. I'm not recommended that people sit Kamara because he has shown time and time again how well he can do with limited touches and maybe he puts the ball in the endzone a time or two en route to the Saints big lead. This just feels more like a big Ingram week though with Kamara's turn coming the following week against the Falcons.
  10. PrideOfDetroit.com "Of course, the most concerning injury on the report is always quarterback Matthew Stafford. But if Friday’s practice is any indication, Stafford should be ready to go on Sunday. Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press called his play “perfectly fine” during practice. MLive’s Nate Atkins went a step further: Matthew Stafford looked more than fine throwing the football, from what I got to see. Passes both short and deep were precise. — Nate Atkins (@NateAtkins_) December 8, 2017"
  11. CWest was listed on the injury report all of last last week with a "not injury related" designation. His name isn't on the injury report for today (Wednesday), so it seems as though he is back at practice and will play this week. That would make it rough to play Hunt in fantasy. With the KC offense going so pass happy under Matt Nagy's play-calling, will West (from a week off with fresh legs) get even more work than usual?
  12. I picked him up off the wire with Stafford being questionable this week. I should reveal though that I am playing Fitzgerald and Seals-Jones (thanks to knucklehead Gronk), so it was kind of a no-brainer to go with the QB correlation with the Arizona passing game. I do really like the match-up though. Tennessee is very good against the run, giving up fewer than 90 total rushing yards each of the last seven games, so passing on them is the way to go. Tom Savage just threw for 365 yards against them (albeit on 49 passing attempts).
  13. Has it been mentioned here that OC Matt Nagy took over play-calling duties last week? They did break out of their scoring slump after putting up 17, 9, & 10 points the three weeks prior. The note below from ESPN's player projection card doesn't sound too promising for Hunt's rushing production though. The only way I'm even considering starting Hunt with this pass-happy play-calling is if West is out again. Do we even know exactly why West missed last week's game? I just remember seeing the reason as being "personal." I'm just trying to see if we can get a handle on if it might be more than a one week thing. "Offensive coordinator Matt Nagy took over play-calling duties this week and it led to the Chiefs producing their highest dropback percentage in a game in the last two seasons."
  14. There was a pattern of RB's having their way against the Bills run defense, too. If Reid found a way to screw up that golden opportunity, why can't/won't he find a way to screw up this one, too? The Raiders can be beaten through the air. Cutler threw for 300+ against them. Why won't Reid just have Alex Smith chuck it all game long while giving Hunt 9 carries?
  15. As long as the Cowboys aren't trailing by too much (which you would think they shouldn't be against the Giants or Raiders, especially if they get Sean Lee back), then it would seem foolish not to keep feeding him. He now gets a 10-day rest before the next game and then the Cowboys only need him to start for one game after that. Feed him all he can handle over the next two weeks knowing Zeke will be back week 16.
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